My Travel obsession is = ‘Brides’s Mother-in-Law’!!

Strange?? Well, Meet me then! Seeing someone else travelling (for work or holiday is not important) makes me anxious and go green (this green on a contrary, is environmentally not the happy one!). The reason is of course, why am I not travelling in his/her place, doesn’t matter even if I am just back from a 2 weeks’ long holiday .

So in these 30 days’ span, I will be talking about my weird obsession which even at times I don’t find any reason for, hope you can relate why I compare this particular reaction to the respected ‘Sasumas’ (can I add ‘with due respect’)..

This is the very first time I will be taking part in this month long #Blogchatter #program, while my challenge is to test, how far my very own grey-cells can run the race without any malfunctioning, my tummy on the other part is tickling to see how the readers will react to my posts!!

So lets get our fingers flexi

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