R calls for Resfeber..

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16th Aug, 2018. 11:30 am

It’s a Thursday and Saturday is still two weeks away, and ‘That’ Saturday is at distant land now, sleeping at a mushroom hut in Maleficent’s forest. And, here I am, staring at my laptop and office phone alternatively. Both are making every possible alarming effort to keep me busy and keep my mind focused to the real world to finish my allotted office work on time.

It’s been the scenario for last two months, since I have issued my tickets for holiday. 10 to 6 job all of a sudden has become a court’s heartless verdict, and even in the house I’m shadowing my ‘what’s it gonna be like’ thoughts from my mother’s scanning eyes. Remember it’s the first solo trip and Ma-Papa still haven’t heard the declaration yet!

16th Aug, 2018. 5:30 Pm

The work pressure and day long meetings are just somehow temporarily clouding the twitchiness. Otherwise the feeling is just like that kindergarten kid, who’s looking out of the window to go out and play, while her mother will finish the entire year’s syllabus in one day.

In such cases, a long walk always help, so this evening after work, I decided to take a long walk today, and I was passing by my favourite street, the platter of cuisines walled inside the popular restaurants, The neon lights of the shopping center as if they are always after festivals and the feeling is so good. ‘ I better carry my sneaker, I will be walking a lot on the roads there, and I have to make a list of the popular restaurants. Do I want to shop anything?’ Oh No!! Wasn’t I supposed to keep this dreams away? How long will you take to row your boat dear ‘That’ Saturday? Isn’t the time is supposed to fly away like an eagle not a sparrow!

31st Aug, 2018. 10:30 pm

Pyjamas, Tshirt, and one kurti will go inside Maa’s duffel bag. Then the moisturizer, sunscreen, comb, shampoo I’ll carry in my travel pouch, along with my laptop. Won’t get time to read the book, so let’s leave it. Tonight I’m busy doing a small packing for a weekend escape, I need a break from the anxiety of the upcoming holiday! Wish I could continue this cycle, one break for every upcoming break, and then break after break, and holiday after holiday, escape and escape.. yayyyyy.. Oh then, empty bank account and credit card overdue!!

Ok, not so many breaks then, till the time I find the immortal money-plant! But for now two days distraction to gulp down the over powering ‘Betal’ version of holiday zing..

6th Sep, 2018. 7:00 Pm

‘Have you taken sunblock cream? Here, take the scissor and here is your towel.’

‘Yes Maa, I took the sunblock. Maa, I also need some cloth clips, and a loofah’ Finally I am packing for the upcoming daring holiday. While the weekend was partially successful, the week has been terrible. The wait has been a chain process, morning should become night immediately and night should become the day next.

My Mother always helps to run the list of things to be taken and she loves to see her daughter still forget things and she gets to point them out like ‘When will you learn!’. How wonderful is that!

‘Did you take the medicines? And will you need the torch?’

“Papa will bring two more medicines so will take all of them together and Torch won’t need this time.’

This will take another hour’s time to finish with the suitcase. Backpack will be left for tomorrow, last thing to take will be the food for sure. And, tomorrow I will step out for airport. It’s gonna be a tough day tomorrow…

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