Solivagant Shares Sermon—let’s talk Solo-travelling- Part V


This is the final session of my sermon of the year and hopefully the last FREE session from The Mata Kachuarupee Pankheshwari (this is subject to alteration 200% and it Will be.. I know very well. How come!! I have a way too big a heart) and after Aaall the previous sermons… the doubt or one crucial question still remains… (Referring to the comment from Ranjini) “To travel solo or not to travel solo.” That is the question.. Taking off the saffron toga or white if you imagined me in!! We don’t need it anymore.. Let’s come straight to the point..

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Solivagant Shares Sermon—let’s talk Solo-travelling- Part III

Is everyone ready?? Keep yourself calm, comfortable and alert.. Remember you have to read the post not fall asleep after reading few lines. Phones to remain on ‘airplane’ mode as we still need wifi on it. This small overstuffed room smells of divine camphor today, if you can’t smell the earthy smell, then open your eyes, you are NOT in my room!!  

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Solivagant Shares Sermon—let’s talk Solo-travelling- Part II

Another peaceful week excluding the hours of power-cut of an entire city, the rat-tat-tat of hammers on the Puja-pandals for the last moment finishing touches, the shopping spree of the demented minds in spite of the not-really-meant-to-be-strict social distancing norms, we all are still doing wonderfully well. So let’s start this session with a looong.. deeep.. breeeath.. “broaden your minds, first you must look beyond”.. let thoose scattered thoo..ughts of getting pedicureee.. hair smootheninggg.. upper lips threaaadingg.. not bother youuu for a whileee.. wee can goo togee..ther afteer this sessionn.. and if your face is turning blueee by noww.. from your mouth.. breath oouuutt..

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Solivagant Shares Sermon—let’s talk Solo-travelling- Part I

  1. Do you like it? Travelling alone?
  2. Is it safe?
  3. How does it feel?
  4. You really go? How do you go?

Though I do want to tell all those people that ‘Hey I haven’t come from 2120, I belong to your time!’.. But I actually step back and think for a while. Because I know what do they mean. I keep getting questions like these and many weirder ones from.. let’s say ‘various’ people, aaand I used to feel like a swagger ‘yay baby.. I do solo-travelling.. I am cool you see!!’

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My Friend Alexa 2020- Theme

Well it’s actually not a theme reveal post… more than ‘Follow The Trend’, it’s a #LetsCopyOthers for a matter of fact post!! Or may be, another genuine reason is that I didn’t want to start a destination post this week being October will be busy with Alexa, also I couldn’t think of anything else to write for the week and I have Half a theme ready for #MyThoughtAlexa. If this ‘Half’ theme is displacing your thick-thin well-shaped eye-brows a bit downwards.. well you have to wait for a little while, I have something else to say (write if you are getting into minute detail!) before this. So straighten up those eye-brows first!!

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