Work from Home Or AT Home??

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‘Work From Home’ got a whole new rejuvenating transformation in this one year’s time. Call it a hype, trend, new normal, a common practice these days; this one format of working has really been a grabbing advantage for so many which we can’t deny. If you ask this particular writer of this post, this working method has been with me for last seven years now. So while I am familiar with this work pattern, the lockdown still has had it’s prolonged and irreparable idol effects on me. But today the discussion is not about that.. it’s all about where all the efforts are finally going to?

Keeping both ‘Work’ and ‘Home’ static, in the middle, is it working for office, is it working for home or is it home-work coming together to tangle your life inside a cobweb? Assuming everyone will have different interpretation, defence, explanation or acceptance.. I would rather talk for myself. Here are some lockdown facts from my Royal Palace of waiting-to-be-a-UNESCO-World-heritage building!!

When I said I am quite used to of working from home, that was 6 years back when there still was a physical office space full of different people, different work style and different thought process.. then a year ago the office shifted to 20 different homes, for obvious reasons and a challenge was assigned to each and every one of us. Stay awake, stay active in the cubicle of comfort lying, stretch long and soft-cozy bed! Whether I have a proper answer to how’s that possible? There’s another phase of this ‘work from home’ to tell you!


As I have mentioned before, the lady of the house was absolutely displeased with the fact of compromising her afternoon lone time than abiding her royal party of TWO precisely, perambulating the house throughout the day, weeks, monthss, more than a year now!! In between she did try to get rid of one grouping with the third.. but all in vain. She is losing it now.. but one thing was sure.. from her end.. she will shed some of her work load completely.. On ME!

BlogchatterA2Z 2021, Theme: Un-Travel

When the world was more ‘normal’ without any mask, I used to get ready by 9:30 sharp and would be ready to start my working hours in another 20 minutes or so. Now the working hours are still the same, I am available throughout the day but never ready on time. So there are chores to run, close to daily errands to handle and office work to settle along with the daily reports!! So when people said this lockdown is giving them a lot of time.. I had to ask whether they were getting more than 28 hours in a day! Because My life got even busier.. 24 hours have never been enough for me.. Thanks to the lady of the house! Now I even know how many wooden slats her royal king-size bed has inside the 9 by 7 royal chamber, courtesy free mopping service under the bed everyday!!

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