About Me…

Have you ever travelled alone? And how about travelling with a fast shrinking pocket???

Hey Happy Faces..

This is Payel Dutta, vouches herself for her absolute fickleness… Or May be I’m being way too skittish about myself (that’s ignorable)!! But when it comes to a holiday, I am dead serious about having fun all the time… Well that’s me!!

Travelling gives me the satisfaction & quietude, which my mind hunts around on a quarterly basis, in this technology bound daily 10 to 6 job life. No, I still haven’t been able to leave my job to see the world.. that’s still a dream. But then, I love doing what I do (this note is for: in case my boss is reading it!!).

So, the thought behind opening this website is.. in our tech driven life, we all press a lot of keys on our laptop for research, before finalizing our travel plan, and in this process, many times I, personally haven’t been able to find many minute information which I look for before going to a new place, and what’s more, my palm size pocket is always going small to tinier, especially if it’s a solo vacation (though that’s the best part actually, travelling all alone.. Trust Me!!). Hence people like me, who are always anxious for the piggy bank to over flow with ‘managed by compromising elsewhere’ savings may get some help with my capsule sized travel experiences.

For me travel on a tight Budget is a fun challenge– And I love to travel on a budget… I also enjoy travelling alone.. which gives me, first of all the “Me time” and of course it gives me the chance to fraternize with the local culture, people and food (not to forget) just the way I want it.. and this is what intensifies my gusta for travel .. Come be a part of my dreams, they aren’t out of the world but it still may tickle you!!