#SANTINIKETAN- Weekend Escape from #Kolkata, West Bengal

One of my favourite long weekend destinations in West Bengal is #Santiniketan. Thinking of the place I only visualize, bright sunshine everywhere. As if everything around me is freshly painted, there’s so much stooping greenery around, even the arid summer afternoon looks gold paved, everything is just picture perfect here. The roads here are only meant to walk as long as my curiosity lasts, the hushed air is so inquisitive, scanning the surrounding as if this is the first time I see so much of flora, and then I find a teeny weeny squirrel running here and there, fighting with it’s siblings on the dried leaves scattered on the ground; or may be they are busy playing hide and seek under the shade of the mammoth trees; and the sun, still smart enough to peek through the gaps among the branches; the whistling of the birds hidden in their nests, small craftsman houses everywhere, everything is so simple yet creative and seems to be a story teller’s land..

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