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I have spoken of so many places from my North Bengal Trip, in proper sequence but an idea to build the itinerary to North Bengal is very important.. you can’t deny.. I know you are nodding deeply and highly.. I got you.. so here is my version of making a tour plan or the places you may consider.. honestly we tried covering way too many things within the time frame we had in hand (10 nights in total).. at least the drivers were telling us this.. but never mind.. as it didn’t seem hectic at all to us.. so here’s me, helping you plan your itinerary, sharing my views, suggestions and surely my experience..

Lataguri- 2 night

Actually, if you like forest, pin-drop silence, only birds calling somewhere far away.. it gets dark right after sunset.. then  Latuguri jungle area is apt for you..

However, you can also stay in the town area, which is hardly any distance (5 minutes by car).. the town is small, simple.. and you will get more details in the previous blogs.. but wherever you stay, you will love this place.

if you love jungle safari, then surely you will want to cover 2-3 safaris (though you will hardly see any animals.. focus on the flora part).. go ahead, plus there are quite a few day tour options available from Lataguri, don’t miss them.

Talking about a day trip.. Murti is one of the famous places where people prefer staying as well. SO another option for you to enjoy a night or two..

Lataguri Blog Posts 1 2 3

Chronicles in a Tea Garden

Rishyap- 1-2 nights

It was too cold in Oct, even it snows in Jan-Feb here.. evenings are foggy, you hardly get to see the houses across the road & it’s a narrow hill road I am referring to.. and it gets all quiet after 4pm, looks like a ghost town!! It’s not a ghost town.. it only looks like..

You can stay 1-2 nights here, however, people usually take a night, as most people take their car from Siliguri/Bagdogra and those cars aren’t allowed for sightseeing if you are staying more than a night (you have to use local cars). For an overnight stay, there is nothing to object to keeping the car in the parking area for a day at leisure.. but if you just want to rest for a few days.. you are all good to stay here for longer then.. car arrangements, your accommodation will do..

Rishyap Blog Post

Chhibo- 2-3 nights

Ooohhh.. my first favourite.. no second maybe after Lataguri.. point is I loved Chhibo.. simplest of all places, freshly wiped greenery, defining all means of a peaceful life.. Chhibo is very small village, in between the dense forest, mountains there stands this tiny-weenie village.. if you want to deny your busy life for some time if you want to just chill out for a few days.. this.. this very place should be your adobe.. don’t expect any luxury.. actually if you love nature, if you love serenity.. I know you will look for simplicity, simple stay, simple food, pure oxygen to breathe, stretch your hands and legs, no honking, no rush.. no of anything you don’t want for a few days.. Do decide on Chhibo for once, stay for a night or 2-3.. you will love the place.. Read here

** Just another note for you to consider: do think of staying at Tinchuley (in the mid of tea gardens, view of and from Tinchuley takes you to a parallel world of heaven, then Latpanchor (if you like nature walking, bird watching etc).

Blog Post

Shittong- 2-3 nights

Another favourite of mine.. Amazing place.. really an amazing place.. a flavour of small village market (I won’t forget it), the people, nature, view of Kanchenjunga in the morning, good food.. what else do you need? Mountain weather? Cold wind yet pleasant to your cheeks?  All checked.. All you need is to keep this place on your bucket list!

You know what? North Bengal is a very tricky region.. wherever you go you want to stay there.. alluring should be the word maybe.. the places get you in their enchantment in a very good way of course.. I started with Murti (from Lataguri).. then Tinchuley, Ahaldara.. then on the way we passed a few villages.. I wanted to stay everywhere.. & when such things happen, you know it’s a successful holiday.. makes all good sense right??

Blog Post

Lepchajagat- never mind- a day trip makes all sense

Aah.. I will keep it crisp and clear, I won’t recommend a stay here, especially when you have seen more of interior north Bengal, a small day tour on the way to Mirik is more than enough.

Blog Post

Darjeeling- 3-4 nights.. or a week .. it’s never too long here…

Does it need further introduction, explanation, convincing as to why Darjeeling.. many people will say a lot of things of this place.. but you make your own opinion. That’s it.. this was my first visit and I loved the place. The vibe, the surroundings,  shops, people, food.. especially food, the weather, view of the mountains, station, toy train ride.. everything about this place is passionately holding on to the black and white tradition yet very much for today’s tourists.. you can stay in Darjeeling for as long as you want, don’t do any sightseeing.. it’s all right.. walk around the streets, enjoy hot noodle soups or hot brownies from the bakeries.. the ambience suits all these and all kinds of people..

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Travel Tips:

  • You may take your own car, but only take them till there’s flat land.
  • Mountain, especially in the Himalayan region, isn’t easy to drive for people who are so used of driving on plane land, hence DO NOT take a risk.
  • Relax and take your foot off the ABC for a few days.. ABC!! Accelerator- Break- Clutch!! Come on!!
  • October onwards till Mar-apr first half, the weather will be quite cold in the upper regions like Rishyap, Shittong, Lepchajagat, Darjeeling.
  • No driving after sunset, drivers lock their car latest by 3-4 pm. Evenings are at leisure for them and for you to start early next morning..
  • Don’t rush while in the mountains, it’s not a place to live your daily rat race life.
  • Carrying a pair of sneakers is very important. Don’t fashion your heels here..
  • Prepare to breathe fresh air, full on O2, relax your retinas with greens all around
  • AND LASTLY.. enjoy your trip.. pause for a while.. or else life will be too futile to enjoy some beautiful moments..

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