North Bengal Travel Blog Post: Chhibo VIA Deolo

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Chhibo!! What is it? Where is it? What do you do with it?? No extravagant introduction today, no heavy vocabulary.. we are talking all of nature and its beauty today.. and nature is never complex. It’s beautiful. Simple sedated beauty,  it represents in her.

So Chhibo. It’s a small village in North Bengal. A very small and simple village. Very close to Kalimpong but very hard to make the journey. The roads are rough, narrow hairpin bends, sometimes it makes you think how two cars will cross over, oh that to a great extent is scary.. but you should go to Chhibo once, if you like quiet places, if you want to see offbeat North Bengal.. oh it has to be in your bucket list.. can’t miss, do not miss!!

Just 4 km away from Kalimpong,  the road going down after Sinclair retreat Kalimpong, about 20 minutes drive, though 4km, the car can’t move fast because of the road condition, google map hardly works here, you have to take help of 1-2 shops you will find at times, or your driver has to know the place. It’s a gentle green heaven of simplicity, elegance, and timid beauty.

I will tell you more about Chhibo, but first let me cover, how we came to Chhibo. After Rishyap our next stop was Chhibo, we covered Deolo en route.

We also wanted to cover Lolegaon, however currently there is some heavy construction work going on, an international highway construction is on, hence it had to be out of the list.. never mind, Next Time!!

Hanuman Temple, Durgamata Temple:

We started with the temples. They are very close to Rishyap. Both temples are in the same place opposite to each other, only DurgaMata temple is just a few steps above, Hanuman temple you have to take some more steps, it’s on a small hilltop.

Right beside the temples, there is also a small Buddha temple, it’s more like a worship place, not a proper temple or monastery as we understand.

Deolo Park:

Deolo park is mainly a viewpoint. You pay an entrance fee of Rs. 20 pp, and take a tour of the entire place keeping greenery, and mountain views in your background.

One of the main and current attractions of Deolo is Paragliding. Thanks to one of the famous Bengali movie actors and his film, North Bengal has gained quite popularity for a few adventure sports among tourists. So Paragliding..

You can book it locally, the drivers will take you. It will cost from INR 3000-5000 pp (depending on the duration you book) + INR 500 pp for video. I was travelling with my guardians for life, didn’t have any plan to give them a heart attack, so no way I tried it!! Okay fine.. even I am not an adventure freak! Happy??

Science centre:

Opposite the Deolo Park, there is this science centre. It’s a place where kids will enjoy their time. But even 18+ to till no limit has all the options as well. Walk to the top view pint, enjoy the valley, that’s why people come to the mountain.. And this is a good place if you want to see the paragliding riders flying across the sky. You can spend good 30-40 minutes here. Huge area, no option to feel congested.

Coming back to Chhibo:


There are just a few homestays available, better to make your reservation in advance during peak season. We stayed at Chhibo Inn, it’s a great option for a stay. The view from here is everything you have come here for… This was my favourite place on the entire trip.

There is also a viewpoint close by, from where you can see the entire valley, but I was way too happy with the open view the homestay had. I loved the night view as well.  You get to see the entire Kalimpong, Darjeeling and other close by places.. they look like you are standing in the mid of galaxy with glinting stars all around.. it was galactically heavenly..


We had only stayed here for a night, but if you want to relax within quietude, then stay here for 2-3 nights.

It’s a small village, there are hardly any shops, and even if there are, like there were 2 shops right down the hill where we were staying, they shut down latest by 6 in the evening.. and after that, it’s a quiet place, you will hardly hear a sound of vehicle or people for a matter of fact. All are sealed inside their house, and mostly all lights are off before 10. Simple place, simple people, simple lifestyle.. what else can you ask for..  You will love this place, trust me..

I hope you will have this place in your list then? By the how are you finding this North Bengal Series? Do drop some comments..

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