Book Review- Who Killed Nina Daruwalla?

By Ajit Yadav

Courtesy @Blogchatter

Various characters from different fields hardly connected to each other, and then there is a murder happening.. & How these characters are coming together then or at all whether they have any link with each other…

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Book Review- A Wanderer’s Revolution

By: Dipali Bhasin

Courtesy: @Blogchatter

How well do you know the Travel industry? I am sure you are aware of business travel, But do you know what Bleisure is? Are you someone who believes in ‘Go Global, Stay Local’? Then What’s your take on Airbnb? But again what about luxury travel then?

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Home Made Cheese Cake

It never came to mind that Cream Cheese could be made at home!! I keep on searching new recipes or food ideas on the internet but never had I made any effort to know about Cream cheese and here I say ‘I Love Cheese Cake’!!!

However, thanks to YouTube, for some unfamiliar telepathy they extended their understandable popularity and presented this formula to me, and I am forever grateful.

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E-Book Release- On The Way.. They Gave a Hand

And I am excited, I am beatific but I am way too hysterical since morning.. It’s time to tell you that it’s very much alive now.. My E-BOOK has released today and out there standing straight, bright and big at the palace court of #Blogchatter.

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Revealing Book Cover- On The Way.. They Gave a Hand

Hey You Amazing Reader..

How’s this Sunday treating you so far? Usually Sunday evening is the time I go to some silently inside-my-brain wailing mode, being the weekend is getting over, being another weekday is just few hours away and being the chilling holiday time is bidding Adios.. And this is no recent event, I have been doing this since childhood!! Yes, it’s a gone case, I know!!

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