My Solo Trip to Varanasi, India: Blog Post: 7

Solo Female Traveller and Varanasi: Should YOU or Should you NOT!??

Is Solo travel to Varanasi Safe? Is Solo Travel recommended to Varanasi for a Woman? How safe is Solo Travel to Varanasi, India? Can women Travel alone to Varanasi?


After all the posts on my ‘SOLO’ Trip to Varanasi, the question still remains I think? Is it safe? Did you have any problem? Do you recommend it? Is it doable? What is ‘your’ honest opinion? Tell me you are thinking of this and you want the answer?? Well, I am not that important but I will answer anyway..

Offf.. After all those Solo travel experiences.. these are some heavy questions.. but necessary, I agree.. and the plain and simple answer is.. YESSS.. it’s safe to travel alone to Varanasi, even for a woman traveller. End of post.. Tata.. Bye bye..

Hold on.. why not get some interesting facts about the place? So, As I have mentioned before and it’s a matter of Google record.. Varanasi is one of the oldest cities.. oldest cities inhabited by humans for ages.. but it is also true that the city has evolved with time, era and ages as per the transformation of modernity. At present, it is as improvised and progressive as any other busy city in India alongside being the cultural hub of the country.

There are schools, colleges, Universities, women are free to roam around, women’s education, freedom to work, being respected in the society.. everything is present and highly in order, as per present day pace.. it’s a very busy and very adaptive city if you ask me.

Students are so used to tourists here, they love experimenting with new cuisines, especially European food with a combination of bread and Cheese, then cold coffee.. they just love it all.. Cafes here, are full of young crowd all the time..

Then comes the locals, well my experience with the people of Varanasi has been ‘Warm’.. I have been lucky enough to be helped, guided and ‘awed on’ whenever required. People have been kind enough to talk to me, knowing, I being a single traveller, everyone was just surprised, very surprised, couldn’t imagine, but I love to see those expressions on their faces anyway, but they helped with information or location.

Accessibility.. Again quite easy if you are on your own, I can’t remember of a single event where I had problem with public transport.. in case you sense anything wrong, be strong, you don’t have to be friendly with anyone and everyone,  have a straight, serious face and it’s ok, just okay. But to tell you the truth, in most cases, I got help while taking public transport; the auto drivers have been quite helpful mostly.

*** Point to note: Google  Map works quite well in and around Varanasi, always keep it handy. The roads aren’t difficult to get lost even if the lanes are maybe, but locals help you to find your way if needed.

Clothes: If you are travelling during the summer months (Apr- mid-July, don’t think of travelling during monsoon- mid-july to Sep), then keep only light, cotton clothes in your luggage.  Though it’s a modern city, keeping your clothing safe isn’t a sin at all.. also you will end up going to one or the other temples, so dress below the knees, no strapless etc, keep it simple.. By which I don’t mean you have to buy a lot of Kurtis, churidars.. absolutely not, trousers, tops, shirts, maxi dress, dresses, everything is safe to wear here. You only have to differentiate among travel friendly, nightlife friendly, dating friendly etc.. which you will manage I am more than sure.

& that’s it.. you do not need to worry about anything. If Varanasi is on your bucket list.. then don’t keep it forever.. just plan it and go for it.. it will be great..

Those were my Varanasi Posts.. did you enjoy them? Do share some words if you did and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section.. & Keep Travelling.. Happy Travels!!!

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