Solivagant Shares Sermon—let’s talk Solo-travelling- Part V


This is the final session of my sermon of the year and hopefully the last FREE session from The Mata Kachuarupee Pankheshwari (this is subject to alteration 200% and it Will be.. I know very well. How come!! I have a way too big a heart) and after Aaall the previous sermons… the doubt or one crucial question still remains… (Referring to the comment from Ranjini) “To travel solo or not to travel solo.” That is the question.. Taking off the saffron toga or white if you imagined me in!! We don’t need it anymore.. Let’s come straight to the point..


How much does it help in your growth process?

Do you really need to prove that you are responsible enough to others?

Or is it necessary because ‘It’s #Trending’?

Do I want to encourage you, help you more to go for a Solo-Trip? Yes, Yess and absolutely Yesss!

Do I want to Push you to go for a Solo-Trip at least once in your life because you should?? Don’t get in there.. I ain’t even trying. Nope! That’s not my goal of writing this post.

It’s not that I don’t want others to go for a Solo-trip because I will not be the only cool person then (makes me think!! DO I really think like that!! Answer will be nothing is impossible on earth!!) but my point is, it’s been my choice, my dream to travel by myself, unaccompanied. It’s not that I had to follow those norms of ’30 things you should do before turning 30/50 or 40’ or ‘solo travel makes you a responsible person’.. it did make me or still makes me more responsible may be but life gives us many other ways or options to choose to learn from.

Though I don’t mean to but my words will anyway seem like, so let me be little spiritual here.. if you really want to travel alone ‘ONE DAY’, and you haven’t got the option, chance or reason yet, or there are many responsibility to handle at the moment, then wait till you are ready or the universe thinks that you are, when the time will come, the road will be curved for you, the destination will await you and you will have to go. So keep that flame of dreams alive in you always.

However, if it’s more of seeing others, thinking to follow them and trying to do what they do.. Sit back, we need to talk.  Let me tell you few things and you have to be honest with me on what do you think on that? Okay?

One, no matter how beautiful your living room is, the furniture of your best friend’s living room is always better, your neighbour is always the more perfectionist when styling the house.. Isn’t it?

Two, No matter how well equipped your extra large closet is, your colleague has a better one.. right? or take some other similar example.. anyway you understand what I mean right?


You know what, I remember one of my hosts telling me after she go to know about my knack, “You know Payel, I would like to travel like you but I also know that I will never have the courage, so I can never do this by myself.” Her words didn’t make me feel proud or sad, I was happy to her honesty. And this wasn’t the only instance, there have been people telling me they prefer travelling with some company than alone.

We all have to agree that my goal cannot be someone else’s goal as well, so how is it possible that the entire population of the world can go for a solo trip just because they want it or they see others doing it. Some love the presence of a company, some can’t live without their family and friends, even I know people who doesn’t love to travel at all and all of them are just like you and me with different dreams, different desires and different viewpoints.

What should matter to you is Your Own Happiness, ask yourself what do you want; what is it that makes you feel complete? Only you will know the answer and then move accordingly.

I hope you won’t be confused anymore, that takes a lot of your precious time, I hope you will find your answer soon and you will live happier and you will be more positive on your decision.

I hope that wasn’t too heavy for you, if it was then a scoop of a dark chocolate hazelnut ice-cream may help, I just had one.

Till we meet again.. someday.. somewhere or may be very much here.. whatever it is.. don’t forget to live in the moment.. the clock is ticking…

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