Solivagant Shares Sermon—let’s talk Solo-travelling- Part II

Another peaceful week excluding the hours of power-cut of an entire city, the rat-tat-tat of hammers on the Puja-pandals for the last moment finishing touches, the shopping spree of the demented minds in spite of the not-really-meant-to-be-strict social distancing norms, we all are still doing wonderfully well. So let’s start this session with a looong.. deeep.. breeeath.. “broaden your minds, first you must look beyond”.. let thoose scattered thoo..ughts of getting pedicureee.. hair smootheninggg.. upper lips threaaadingg.. not bother youuu for a whileee.. wee can goo togee..ther afteer this sessionn.. and if your face is turning blueee by noww.. from your mouth.. breath oouuutt..

Mata Kachuaruppe Pankheshwari is ready with today’s subject. She isn’t taking any further inquisitive questions which don’t suit her demeanour anymore, it’s speech time. No matter where your ears are.. eyes should be stuck to the screen (it should have been the other way however it is the other way..)

Coming out of my myssstic spirittt.. OKAYY.. It’s all good.. Let’s talk about Safety of Travelling Solo today. As I said in my last post.. while planning a holiday, be it with family, friends or just yourself, any which way, we do some research about the place. How to reach, what to see, where to stay, what’s the weather like, how are the people there and many other things. You like it or not, click of few buttons and internet has everything ready for you. Any political disturbance, a sudden storm or flood, touristic trend, famous street shopping areas, which distinct island Kim Kardashin has been spotted with her sisters,   everything is available on the World Wide Web today. In terms of travelling alone, check these same points before finalising a destination. What’s more? Check the below as well for extra precaution:

  1. How safe is the place for females?
  2. How safe is the place for solo lady travellers?
  3. How safe is the night life of the place if you are a night person?
  4.  What are the safety measures to consider while travelling to xxx?

Remember, if a destination is popular among tourists, it is mostly a secured place and safe to travel. Saying this, don’t just give yourself into anything you feel like, I remember my host told me on my very first solo-trip and let me quote her, ‘it’s a very safe place, but there’s nothing wrong in being careful. So just be alert.’ Let me get few more points for you:

  1. Nowadays there are many female travel groups are available on Social media, it’s easy to join, people share their experiences and you can easily ask for suggestions, advices, which people will be very happy to offer.
  2. While booking your accommodation, check reviews of previous guests, and book accordingly. In this way, it’s very easy these days, reviews do help (likewise share your own reviews to help others).
  3. Keep in touch with the host, if it’s any home stay, apartment you are going for, the hosts most of the times are very friendly to help with their suggestions.
  1. If possible, do interact with fellow travellers; know their travel plans, many times you get better suggestions, or a co-traveller for a while. (That is if you are interested & if yes at times this also helps).
  2. If you want to enjoy night life of a place, then sort out, how well accessible is your place of accommodation from the entertainment area, and till what time transportation facilities will be available. Or if the place is just a walking distance away, even then, if it’s a little long walk, how safe is the road at wee hours.
  3. This is just a matter of fact thing: keep the contact details of the local police station and the consulate or embassy handy with you. (to be very honest I still haven’t done this yet, but one should do it, especially for international travel)
  4. This one is important: Keep in touch with your family no matter what. For international travel, don’t wait for reaching a place to get free wifi access, spend a bit and get international roaming activated. So that your family or you can reach each other whenever they or you feel like.

This brings us to the next topic.. But it’s already been a long discussion (from my part), so let’s rest it here for this week.. We are meeting once again next week.. As I have lot more to give. For now manage your breathing by yourself, my warm cup of immunity booster potion is waiting for me…

** You are now allowed to drop any comment. Till next Wednesday…

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