Easy-Peasy Capellini Pasta Recipe

Don’t you always give priority to easy recipes with bare minimum ingredients, rapid cooking and voila.. you are out of that febrile reservoir called kitchen!! I am particularly referring to people like me.. who always want good food but wish for a flick of wand to do the cooking instead. So culinary specialists… I can’t dare to offend you..

So coming to yet another New Recipe experiment by your same old lazy home-cook; I was curious.. curious to know what bare minimum elements could I need to make a Pasta dish, of-course not compromising with the taste.. Being ambitious doesn’t have any limit.. does it!! Whatever, I found this recipe and it required even lesser ingredients than what we understand as ‘bare minimum’! I will not lie to you.. I was doubtful, and didn’t even have 1% of faith in this recipe.. That too when I knew I would not use the cheese.

So at first, I had tried a very small portion just for myself, I couldn’t even risk to ask my Mum to try it.. But but but… things came of ineffably tasty and then I tried once again to present to all of you and here I will tell you all (there’s hardly much to tell you today though!!) about this easy peasy lemon squeezy recipe..

Making the Easiest Capellini Pasta:

  • I used Capellinig Pasta here.. You may use spaghettis, Fettuccini or similar.
  • First up, boil a pot full of water, once the water starts boiling add salt, then keeping the heat low add the pasta. let it cook on medium/ low heat for few minutes (as per the instruction mentioned in the package)
  • On another oven, heat a pan, add a slightly big dollop of Butter or margarine (you read it right, a big dollop of butter or margarine.. in case you are wincing your nose, here is another option, add olive oil and a little bit of butter for the flavour.. okay? remember we won’t need any elaborate ingredient after this.)
  • don’t wait for the butter to get hot, add lots of chopped garlic (for two people I added 7-8 cloves of garlic)
  • mix it really well till you get the aroma of the garlic, take some pasta water from the pot, may be one or two ladle full, add it with the butter-garlic mix (the heat should be low), mix well, this will look like a sauce now, add the pasta straight from the pot (without the water of course), which means the pasta will be watery & it’s okay, mix everything really nice and well, add little salt, freshly chopped parsley . And that’s it.. That’s just it.. didn’t I tell you it’s less that bare minimum ingredients you need to make this dish!!
  • Insane!! Are you thinking?? I did.. I truly did before trying it..

Few more things to share here:

  • Once served, you may add some Italian seasoning on top or some crushed black pepper; whatever suits your taste buds. But honestly the dish tasted so comforting even without them.
  • Do add cheese, some parmesan may be.. if you prefer.
  • I added some peanuts of top as garnish and also because I love peanuts.
  • Also as you can see, I made some potato wedges.. I love pasta with Potatoes.
  • For potato wedges, I per boiled the potatoes with skin, then mixed some rice flour, wheat flour, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning with the potatoes & shallow fried the potatoes with little oil. Simple..

Simple right? You may also have this pasta with grilled chicken or sauté vegetables. DO try and let me know if you felt the same as I did…

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