My Simple All-time Spaghetti

I prefer my dinner options vegetarian, mostly. And there are nights (thankfully one or two per week) when I don’t feel like chewing the regular Roti and sabji, no matter how lucrative an option my mum wants to put across for a sabji or curry. Basically those are the nights I only and only want to have forkful of spaghetti pasta. Saying this, I have this easy peasy, a no-brainer recipe, which I have really mastered now and I’m never bored trying this.

If a bone idle like me is saying that it’s a hassle-free yet a cozy meal, you have to trust for once here.. sooo ready??

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Wheat Flour Ravioli Pasta

Most of my Saturday nights are absolutely boring if there isn’t any home-made fun food, by which I mostly mean a plate full of saucy Pasta. While spaghetti or tagliatelle or fettuccine are my very favourite and I am sure you will agree that they are very easy to make; but I always used to wonder watching people making so wonderful Ravioli pastas by their own on those cookery shows. Not that, it isn’t possible to go to a restaurant and select a raviloi dish for myself, I was always hoity-toity for the plain flour base used to make the pasta…

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