Healthy Alfredo Pasta

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Healthy Cream Cheese Sandwich

Cheese and Bread are quite a mighty match since the time they were invented. Raw sliced cheese in between pieces of bread, Grilled cheese sandwich, or a compact cheese sandwich with assorted meat and salad between two pieces of huge thick bread.. Whatever you choose, whatever you can garner in between the slices, Sandwich hardly goes wrong with anything you can think of.

Cream Cheese is almost a fat-free cheese and as I have posted before, it’s so easy to make it at home. So instead of some dessert, this time I tried something tangy & little spicy with another fresh bowl of home-made Cream Cheese. The easiest was to try it on a fuss-free sandwich. Sounds exciting?

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Healthy Sweet and Salty Cheese Cake

How amazing does it feel when your vision turns into fruition just the way you wanted?? I was really looking forward to this dessert to look just the way I was expecting. And you know what, there was hardly any hassle preparing this cheese cake!! Doesn’t that feel great? I really wanted to keep the salty component of the cheese cake, in my dessert, and I won’t hide the fact that I was little nervous with the possible result. But things did work and in a good way.. at least for Me..

I am saying this because My Mum just doesn’t want to agree to the fact that a dessert can taste little salty or tangy at times; for her a dessert can only taste Sweet otherwise how can that be a ‘dessert’! Like sugary sweet!! Is it with you as well? Or do you really think a blend of opposite tastes do work if chosen carefully?

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Chocolate-Peanut Butter- Vanila Cheese Cake

Individually all these four elements are dotingly and intimidatingly dominating my taste and greed; and if all these can be brought together in one bowl, how can it be like?! Will too many good things spoil my dream? But.. I took this heavy risk.. How did it go? We will know!

Cream Cheese: By now you already know how to make cream cheese at home right? If No, then my previous post may help you.

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Home Made Cheese Cake

It never came to mind that Cream Cheese could be made at home!! I keep on searching new recipes or food ideas on the internet but never had I made any effort to know about Cream cheese and here I say ‘I Love Cheese Cake’!!!

However, thanks to YouTube, for some unfamiliar telepathy they extended their understandable popularity and presented this formula to me, and I am forever grateful.

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