Home Made Cheese Cake

It never came to mind that Cream Cheese could be made at home!! I keep on searching new recipes or food ideas on the internet but never had I made any effort to know about Cream cheese and here I say ‘I Love Cheese Cake’!!!

However, thanks to YouTube, for some unfamiliar telepathy they extended their understandable popularity and presented this formula to me, and I am forever grateful.

Starting with #CreamCheese:

I followed the recipe exactly as instructed by @FoodCode, no clever changes at all. And, when the grainy goat cheese turned into shining soft cream, it was beyond any comparison.

Cheese Cake:

If you follow the traditional Cheese cake recipe, it needs a lot of full cream or whipping cream, a lot of sugar to get that mushy velvety texture.. but I was looking for something completely healthy. I didn’t want to waste my effort of making just a cheese cake and ruin my morning hard-work by adding so much non-detachable calories to my already pot like tummy.

I found the below two No-Bake EASY Cheese cake recipes and made the following changes:

  1. For the base I added Digestive biscuits, grind them finely on a food processor/mixer grinder; then it’s easy to mix it with the butter or margarine and get a firm base.
  2. I baked this base on microwave for a minute & half and kept is aside to cool down.
  3. Once the cream cheese was ready, I added rock sugar as sweetener (you may add jaggery as well, if you are making a vanilla cheese cake, in that case the colour will change a bit OR Honey is another substitute) and beat the cream cheese little more with a spatula to get a softer and lighter look. **You may use a hand blender as well.
  4. You may bake the cheese at this point on the micro oven for 1 minute, take it out, stir nicely, then micro again for another 1 minute (I did it thrice). Or just let it be like this.
  5. Add a good Vanilla flavour to it, and spread this mostly think but slightly runny Cheese mix over the biscuit base nicely and evenly. If it’s hot, then let it come to room temperature and then keep it inside the refrigerator (not freezer) for about 6-8 hours.
  6. I garnished it with crushed peanuts & caramelised liquid jaggery (just heat the liquid jaggery in a small pan and when coming to boil, keep stirring until it’s turning translucent brown, remove immediately from the oven and spread them over the peanuts already scattered on the cheese cake.
  7. Instead of jaggery you may use honey or any other decoration which you prefer.
  8. TIPS: try setting the cheese cake on a detachable cake pan, placing butter paper at the bottom & at the round wall of the cake tin, because it’s easy to get a clean slice then, otherwise I had to struggle with my glass tray.

Do try and let me know how did it go…

Cream Cheese: Inspired by @FoodCode

Cheese Cake: Inspired by: @Tasty & @FoodiesOfSouth

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