Book Review- A Wanderer’s Revolution

By: Dipali Bhasin

Courtesy: @Blogchatter

How well do you know the Travel industry? I am sure you are aware of business travel, But do you know what Bleisure is? Are you someone who believes in ‘Go Global, Stay Local’? Then What’s your take on Airbnb? But again what about luxury travel then?

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The recently published book, ‘A Wanderer’s Revolution’ gives a thorough & justified dossier of the tourism industry. This book talks about the recent trends of travellers, their constantly changing travel proclivity, how the service providers are adjusting to these frequently switching dynamics and quite more.

The Title of the Book gave me the impression that the book would consist of the author’s personal experience and learning, from her so-far-more-than-half-way-through the globe expedition; there are quite a few of her own eye-popping escapades concisely shared. But this book speaks a lot, tells a lot and knows a lot.

Which means, there has a been a brain storming research put forward before bringing it to the readers. Tourism industry is growing in different aspects every year, there are different class of travellers existing with diverse needs and these needs form the niche. The book talks about many of those niche, like there’s ‘Intrepid Travller’ who loves the ‘rush of adrenaline, the push to get outside of the comfort zone’; then there’s ‘Glamping’, ‘a generous splash of glamour to camping’.. Take Tanda Tula Camp of Kruger National Park in South Africa for instance.

We know about back packer, but these days we get to see minimalist travellers, ‘who carries only the bare essential with him on his travels.’ Do you know there are naked beaches in India? Spa resort is not necessarily the ultimate ‘wellness’ travel! How travel revolution will be after Covid 19? The book talks about various such things in adequate details.

If there is something I was looking forward to a little more, it’s some more of the author’s own manifold travel experience, but may be that’s my own wanderlust talking!

Overall, this book is intriguing (the good one), a bit fascinating and honestly very informative. I recommend this book for people who have immense interest for the travel industry, who wants to know about the xenial destinations around the world, who doesn’t believe in just stamping their passports but living in the moment or should I say, ‘the joy of missing out in travel’.

Written by an award winning Food Blogger and an avid traveller, I say do give this book a try and ‘Be Zen’ like!!

You may download the free copy of the book available till June 2020 Here

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