Book Review- Who Killed Nina Daruwalla?

By Ajit Yadav

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Various characters from different fields hardly connected to each other, and then there is a murder happening.. & How these characters are coming together then or at all whether they have any link with each other…

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Nina Daruwalla, a successful entrepreneur running her own event management business and quite risqué a character with her self built and self-accepted imperious lifestyle; then one fine day she is found dead inside her apartment with the main door unlocked. It’s a clear murder but the question who is behind this homicide?

The murder mystery of ‘Who Killed Nina Daruwalla’, by Ajit Yadav has been quite thrilling through out, the story been quite gripping and the author tried to hold on to the suspense till end moment. The Characters of the book have been precisely brought in & out in the story and have justified to the entire story-line.

A reader has to be very attentive to keep a note of the day and time mentioned on the book as the plot keep circling back & forth and without this one will lose the flow of the story. The entire narration has been quite comprehensive to understand, the detailing of the surroundings has been fairly descriptive which gives an extra added layer to the story.

The narration of police investigation and penning the murder episodes were aptly elaborated, where as I felt the end part could have been a little more expressive.

The book was to the point, no unnecessary here and there description to divert the attention or to confuse the reader, which was the greatest advantage of this read, however I felt few characters could be elaborated little more as I was having few airy questions like, ‘But’.. ‘Then’.. ‘How’.. Then again, a murder mystery always has some left-to-be-untold mystery in it for the readers to keep thinking!

I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys fiction, thriller, murder mystery and suspense…

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