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I am from the same planet as you are (considering Earth is still the only living beings’ wrestling ring)!! So connecting with me is easier than learning C++ and It’s just a ‘send’ button away!!

Anytime reachable at

Connect with me at:

2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  • Hi,

    Hope you are well. I am reaching to provide you a high quality (FREE of cost) guest post article for your website. I’ll send you some amazing topic ideas that may interest your readers.

    Once you choose any of the topics, I’ll then send an article on that topic. I would just need you to provide me a backlink within the article.

    Please let me know if I shall send topics?

    Looking forward to your response.


    Jessica Stone


    • Hello Jessica, Thank you very much for reaching out to me, I am truly grateful for the interest you showed to write for my website. However, this is as of now my personal blog and quite new a website and I am also learning, exploring different fields of Blogging; hence at this moment, I would like my learnings to get better in this subject. I unforgettingly will keep your proposal in mind for future expansion.

      Thanking you,


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