Best Places to visit in #Candisasa- My solo travel guide to Bali; #Indonesia Travel on a Budget

Lotus lagoon & Pura @ Candidasa: a huge pond filled with lotus buds and huge round shaped lotus leafs in the mid of the village overlooking the blue sea. The big lemon green leafs floating on the transparent yet blue water is like a picture perfect scene.

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My Solo Travel Guide to Bali- Places to visit in Bali from #Sanur; Indonesia Travel on a Budget

Belanjong Temple, Sanur:

I had purposely kept one day to footslog around the town and decided to visit Pura Belanjong on foot. My apartment in Sanur was close to Parigata beach, from here it took me 25 minutes to reach Belanjong temple taking bypass road. Belanjong temple is rarely visited by tourists, a small tranquil temple, sitting here for sometimes feels really good. There is another attraction behind the temple, called Belanjong inscription. It’s a fat cement pillar, with some Sanskrit and old Balinese language carved on it. Though nothing is described at the entrance or anywhere on the temple, neither the locals are very clear of the story, the place is very quite nice anyway.

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