My #SOLOTRAVEL Guide to #BALI: Planning an itinerary for #BALI

When I was planning my trip to #Bali, I took it like any other destination. I would go for a holiday, would appreciate the beauty of the place, would swim on the water, go sightseeing and a little bit of shopping and I would be back home with happy memories. Also, the plan was to revisit the place from time to time, only while I would go through my picture gallery!!

But things went just upended once I reached #Bali. Bali has a very homely feeling; the locals love to welcome new people with an open hearted smile, a genuinely Happy smile which can only be felt with heart. Bali and Bali people are very simple, and their simplicity does the wonder. You fall in love with the people here, who love talking to tourists, share their culture, tradition with the new arrivals and also they are very curious to know the world beyond their own land.

So the point is, Bali lives in me, and I’m sure every single person been to Bali (the different or original Bali, as I call it) will agree to it. It’s not only the weather but the people also are like melted marshmallow. (click for more excitement)

Now, on a quite unexpected ground, I have also faced comments as, ‘There’s nothing special I found in Bali’ or ‘ It didn’t look any exotic to me’!! Here’s only one answer I have for them: “YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHERE TO GO”. That’s the mantra for travelling to any destination right??

So, what to plan or how to plan for #BALI??

Bali is a Small Island, no doubt about it; but it’s a gem of an island. You can spend months here that too being at a new place every alternative day (not that I am encouraging you to keep your stay such short at the each town as I won’t do it, it’s just giving you an idea). I will suggest to chose few, stay long and enjoy the maximum. Below are few suggestions you may consider.

Kuta/ Nusa Dua/ Legian/ Seminiyak: These are few popular places in the main land Bali, where a chunk of tourists choose their stay at and these places are famous for night life and shopping, even extravagant resorts. You may stay 4-5 nights or a week in any of these towns.

However, for people like me who keeps off from heavy beats and jumping lights, rather prefers little off-beat places or little less crowded, these towns may put us off.

#Sanur: I had chosen #Sanur for my first half of the stay, and it did pay off. A quiet, small town with moderate number of tourists roaming around all the time, restaurants lined up for a long stretch on both sides of the roads. Sanur was really pleasing. I would suggest 4-5 nights stay in Sanur. (click here for more information on SANUR)

*** Sightseeing information on Sanur

#Ubud: Ubud is the quintessence of freshly brewed green. The thick gorgeous greenery is no comparison to anything and the town is so uber cool. A walk across the town or sitting by the restaurant overlooking the rice terrace or hike across the rice terrace, all’s fun here. People don’t get bored to stay even a week or more here.

There is this word exists here, which is ‘Original Bali’, which is hard to describe, but you only understand the meaning or difference when you move to comparatively quieter Bali.

#Candidasa: Candidasa is my favourite in Bali. The Village has altogether a different appearance and it’s magnetic. The beaches are way too blue, the shores change their forms from time to time. Candidasa is a great place to get lazy and energetic at the same time. An week’s stay seems so very less here. (Click here for more information on Candidasa)

#Amed: Do you like absolutely quiet place, swimming in the water for the entire day and relax in the restaurant over few drinks in the evening? Opt for Amed in that case. It’s a small fishermen’s village and also famous for snorkeling, scuba diving etc. 3-4 nights is quite good, the beach here is way too balmy.


Gili/ Lombok: if you want to head to island, these are few options.

*** Now if you have an afternoon flight to take, and need to reach airport by morning, then I will suggest to keep your stay at Kuta (if this is part of your tour plan at all)/ Nusa Dua/ Sanur, as these towns are closer to the airport (Kuta being the closest). The towns at East are little far away from Airport, hence you will have to keep enough time to reach airport considering heavy traffic.

That’s all I can share till me next trip to Bali once again. Keep sharing your stories on Bali.

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Travelling to #Bali, it’s everlasting Memory..

Do you love warm sunny days, breezy evenings by the beach and the touch of crumbly yet soft sand under your bare foot?

It’s not that I can’t think of any other option but only one; but maybe that’s the visual problem of beach lovers like me or it’s Only ME; any blue wavy movement somewhere, overflowing the horizon, I assume it to be a beach!!

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My Solo Travel Guide to #Bali- A full day sightseeing of Bali from #Sanur.. #Indonesia Travel on a Budget

Belanjong Temple, Sanur:

I had purposely kept one day to footslog around the town and decided to visit Pura Belanjong on foot. My apartment in Sanur was close to Parigata beach, from here it took me 25 minutes to reach Belanjong temple taking bypass road. Belanjong temple is rarely visited by tourists, a small tranquil temple, sitting here for sometimes feels really good. There is another attraction behind the temple, called Belanjong inscription. It’s a fat cement pillar, with some Sanskrit and old Balinese language carved on it. Though nothing is described at the entrance or anywhere on the temple, neither the locals are very clear of the story, the place is very quite nice anyway.

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Travelling to Bali on a budget- My travel tips to #Bali, Indonesia- #Solotravel to #Bali

#Bali as a destination is very tourist friendly, and travelling across #Bali is quite reasonable. Here is my suggestion on travel, food and fashion for your next trip to #Bali

Travelling locally in Bali:

· Forget Bemos, Ojeks in present day Bali and they hardly exist in the main city and in the small towns, the number is still hardly considerable; as all the houses have as many bikes as the number of members in the family or there are four wheeler in the houses.

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