Indians and Indonesia



‘From India!!’

Indonesians must know some spell, to separate Indians from a crowd of tourists from the rest of 194 countries or may be My face is way too predictable to shout for my country or for a better notion, may be Indonesians prefer Indians a lot!! I will prefer to depend on the last excuse more, though the same is subject to any genuine evidence and not to mention, any verification as well! And after all these, there remains few who still haven’t mastered the spell yet, if gets to know that you are an Indian, ta-da! they have loads to tell you even then!

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Harwich to Hook of Holland

There are various modes of transportation available between United Kingdom and Netherlands. Euro-star train is the most popular among them and of course the fastest mode as well. And, the slowest of them would be a cruise taking a whole night to sail across. But, as I always say, don’t rush but relax when on a holiday and the reason behind this may-be-not-required praise for an overnight cruise would be, I availed this cruise and may be quite amazing than out of the world experience I had; I surely though carried a story of humbleness and thoughtfulness from this few hours’ journey.

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Group tour at Siem Reap

I was feeling like a ghost, sprinting inside my home-stay in the middle of the night. But there wasn’t any other option now; while the entire city was absorbed in deep sound sleep, I was getting dressed for my sunrise tour to Angkor Wat. By 3:45 am I was neat, clean and ready and was considering whether to wait another 10 minutes inside my room or go straight away to the lobby and wait for my pick up!!

‘Hope there will be more people in this tour!’

‘Well, I have booked shared tour, so there should be!’

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Familiarly Fort Kochi

The first time I had visited Fort Kochi, rather I should say WE, being our family trip to Kerala, we took a day tour of Fort Kochi from Kochi city. I was in some sort of reverie with the look of the town; the old European colonial look, the cottage style houses, the old market alleys; the entire appeal of the place was different and so new to me. This town caught my eyes and I never wanted to forget this place ever till I would come back here again and I was determined enough, ‘there has to be a next time and the stay has to be at Fort Kochi’.

Luckily the next time came and another silent but seemed-impossible-at-that-time wish was also came true. So, I did plan another Kerala trip, SOLO. And first stop, don’t bother to guess, was Fort Kochi. More than being excited for another solo trip, I was hip-hip happy to go back to Fort Kochi.

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