Traveling with Family or Solo? Which is good!

Oh! You are travelling alone? How you do that? You are allowed? You are married (Seriously!! I mean, how does that even relate to #solotravel !!)? Indians Travel Alone (Is it flattery!!) ??!!

I face many such questions when people get to know that I willfully travel alone (especially being an Indian girl, though I am not aware whether it’s a taboo!). And sometimes I don’t know whether I should be worried for sprinkling the pepper or they are really surprised (Can I use envious here? :P)

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Brain, Blogging and Blogchatter

Blogging is the living passion; but then, even passion demands dedication. The last one month has been heck of (30-4) days, where even those -4 nights have been like just hatched birds nest, way too warbling.

The purpose was, to challenge the passion to kick capability to it’s edge and keep it stand there steady as long as the toes can balance the entire body or at least a month, whichever is lesser.

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