A Look Back To The Year Went By

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A look back to the Year 2021

This was so far the most difficult blog to put forward.. A look back to the year that went by!! Talking about the good- bad- achievement- learning from the year just passed! Phew.. That’s too much.. I mean, it seems like too much… Usually, I have so much to say, then analyse and criticise them even more, for about every single thing.. I am a Bong you see.. Bengalis have opinions about everything.. even that ‘everything’ which we are not even aware of existing.. but we can’t disclose that!! We are the super just-know-it-all clan.. but that’s not the topic for the day.. it’s lot tougher than this.


Okay so a look back.. what did I do last year? Umm.. slouched on that same boring corner of my bed almost all the time, staring at the laptop till the lady of the house would shout for dinner and even after that.. no Travelling for another year except 4 trips to Nani’s place.. How many books did I finish? Aaauummm.. re-read that one, then those two.. no some more, ooo some e-books, after that 2-3 new books.. so overall the count is not bad!! Okay, it’s not that good as well if that makes you feel better.. what special did I do last year? Something I should talk about to everyone, something that should motivate everyone?? There you go.. And the priceless answer would be..

NOTHING!!! Yoohoo!!

Seriously.. As energetic, highly motivated as I was the year before the last, it just came to a halt in the year after ‘that year before’.. In simple words.. I wanted to do nothing.. just nothing. The second book is still half done, I hardly took part in any blogging challenge, I didn’t want to be a voracious reader, I didn’t want to run from early morning till night doing things after things, doing the same thing every day.. That sounds like, even frustration has broken down till the bottom of the Indian Ocean, is it???

Let’s take it like this then.. My (even yours maybe) usual life is really hectic, always on the move, there’s work, there’s family, their and my needs-  expectations, there are dreams to chase and fulfill, there are hobbies to nurture and foster.. it’s so many things and in the mid of all these intentionally chosen and jet-lagged fast-track life of mine.. I never miss a single day to complain.. ‘I need a break from all theeseeee!!’ ‘For once at least I want to rest from these busy days-evenings-gym-chores.. in short from my regular routine!!’.. & here you go my wish was granted.. As a matter of fact—I have learnt the lesson that I should keep my implausible mouth shut while wishing for such wishes however this ‘not doing anything’ wasn’t that dreary.. rather I should say, not doing things as per my usual routine was not that drab.

I rather learnt about the other side of mine which I never thought I would be interested in. Like being a DIY person.. in various ways..  like learning living in simple ways.. hey don’t think of those homemade ubtans and hair care and all that.. I mean, not just thaaat.. there’s; learning home remedies for small little health issues, being more of nature and natural oriented, growing a knack for plants, learning about spices, their good-bad and various uses than only for cooking, learning to be self-sufficient in whatever ways I can think of. I know, I know it’s not that interesting that someone will come up and say.. ‘ hey I want to be as cool as you are!!’ Yeah.. no one’s going to say that.. But as long as it’s something different and I can carry these practices with me forever, it’s something I can call mine, my small little achievement. There’s nothing like knowing yourself more than anybody else, don’t you think?

I never thought that I could push myself to things I never dreamt of and these are not temporary, all of them will be with me as long as I can manage them, yes there will be alterations, but they will be there, all these new practices have to be with me for a long long time.

& that’s it.. that’s all I have.. that’s all I can share for now.. with the hope that life keeps on surprising me with her own colourful twisting-turning plans and I just want to blend in those shades.

For you.. Don’t lose heart, don’t give up if things don’t work the way You plan.. just know this.. Life already has everything planned for you, just be open to it, accept it.. and you will see how her secrets unfurl to you and it will be for your good.

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