My Solo Trip to #Cambodia: Planning an Itinerary

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A placid country yet little playful, diverse in characteristics but resembling its kind, that’s what Cambodia has been for me; still a breathing keeper of its time-honoured antiquity and history. A small pebble of a country on the World Map, but so much wonder it holds in every step. Alas… that I could only cover a part of it, just a small part.. even then I have so much to say about this country. As there’s so much to see and so much to do, I don’t want you to get lost in confusion, so let me help you to plan an itinerary to Cambodia.

When planning your itinerary to Cambodia, start with Phnom Penh, then towards the southwest – and lastly to Siem Reap.. If it’s only Cambodia you are planning, then it’s better to keep Siem Reap as the last stop, because this is so august, the best and the most happening city of Cambodia, in terms of nightlife for sure and one of the best sightseeing of the world is present here as well.


In case you need to move out from Phnom Penh (for your flight schedule) or you are moving to Vietnam (you may take a bus from Phnom Penh for that) then take an overnight stop at Phnom Penh for the last night and then move out. To add here, in case you are moving to Thailand and you want to go from Koh Kong, then it can be Siem Reap- (Battambang if you want)- (you may take an overnight bus from Battambang) Phnom Penh(Kep- Kampot- Sihanoukville- Tatai if you are interested)Koh Kong.

Below is a route you may follow, along with the duration and sightseeing option, hope it helps:

Phnom Penh: Phnom Penh is the capital city and surely a lot of things to do and see. 4-5 nights won’t be a bad decision to stay here.

  • Keep one half of the day, better the morning for Royal Palace, which is open from 8-10 am in the morning. Then venture the famous street shopping areas, it’s really fun. Russian Market is quite famous.
  • A half day visit to the genocide and killing field, followed by an entire evening at the river area. Don’t forget to the stop at the night market, which is by the river.
  • Then an afternoon visit to Silk Island, get little up close with a Cambodian island village. (there are many such tours at other cities but all experiences will be very different, trust me)

Kep: This small town just can’t be boring even if you are staying here for a week. Even if you don’t do anything but relax for the entire day and enjoy the sunset by the beach, then gorge on freshly cooked seafood, it’s still soulful. However, there are quite a few sightseeing options while in Kep and this town will just get more interesting.

  • The very first thing you must chose is a full day visit to the Rabbit Island
  • A half day to the National Forest
  • A day visit to Bokor Mountain hill
  • If you are not staying in Kampot, then go for a day visit to Kampot.

Sihanoukville: It’s a beach town and currently the entire town is under construction, so there is a lot of dust and noise and discomfort causing for all of them. So for the time being do what everyone is doing, either skip the place or stay here for a night and then move to the islands.

For islands, you have the option for Koh Rong & Koh Rong Samloem.

Both the islands have very beautiful pristine beaches if you are ok with touristy and a bit crowded place, then choose any of the islands, relax or party for a week. Come back to the main island of Sihanoukville and proceed to the next stop.

Also, if you can stay away from internet, modern hi-tech daily life for a while, then you have an option for Kuta Cave. There isn’t many options for accommodation here though, maybe 1-2 places are there, it’s completely barred out from the very known rocket world of ours!!

Koh Kong: Another small town in Cambodia, very close to the border of Thailand. Many people choose this place to enter a few small islands of Thailand which are very close to the border. Apart from that, a 2-3 nights stay in this town will be enough.

  • Do go for the jungle trek, if you prefer few hours in seclusion and if you are fond of little trek
  • There is a beach about 5 km away from the main city, hiring a bike for that is a good option, otherwise you have to hire a tuk tuk.

Koh Kong to Battambang won’t be a direct journey if you chose Bus transfer; you have to go via Phnom Penh. So take a night bus to Phnom Penh and then another bus to Siem Reap.

Battambang: A peaceful town, and quite fun walking across the streets of the city. Explore the local market, the night market by the river to try local food. Even you will find few cooking classes available at a local restaurant. A 2 nights stay should be enough here.

  • The country side tour of Battambang is quite famous, so don’t miss it. Country Side tour Part II- here

Siem Reap: Ahh!! My favourite, this city has a classified charm in it. The night market is the place to spend all your evening, you won’t get bored. So much to eat and so many flavours of the rolling ice cream to try, you have to come here more than once. Some restaurants are even open for the whole night in here, so if are a night owl, you will live this place even more. A 4-7 nights stay is easily recommended here.

  • The first and foremost thing people come to Siem Reap for is the world famous Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom Temple: you can take the half day sunrise Or Sunset tour or you may take a full day tour of the place.
  • If you want to see the temple more thoroughly, there are 2,3,4,5,7 days passes are available for the temple
  • The half day excursion to floating village is a different Cambodia you see.
  • There are few other Buddhist temples at the outskirts of the Siem Reap, if you are interested you may plan for them. Here’s about 2 more.

Overall, this can be a 3-week itinerary of Cambodia for you. There are a few other places in the Northern part as well, hope I will be able to visit them soon and then share with you!

Few Important Notes on Cambodia:

  1. It’s a very safe country when it comes to Solo Travelling for females. (though in Phnom Penh people may ask you to ‘e careful’.. so I will make my version and say be careful of your possessions, hold on to yourself so that people think many more time before approaching you)
  2. There’s No rash driving on the road, hence it’s easy to cross the less congested roads/ streets. At the main streets of the cities, at the traffic signals and highways, surely do maintain the traffic rules.
  3. People here are very kind, helpful, considering so offer the same to them pleaseeee..
  4. A huge part of the development of the country is dependent on tourism, and for which the place is really viable for tourists or in simple word, it’s a tourist friendly country.
  5. No dress code as such unless it’s a temple visit/ Phnom Penh- palace/ temples/ genocides or killing fields you are going for.
  6. Not very expensive when it comes to cost, from budget to luxury traveller, anyone can go to Cambodia.
  7. Tours/ transfers: you can book online by yourself, or locally- both are suggested. I will say locally it’s even easier for transport, tour arrangements.
  8. VISA: for most of the countries the VISA in on arrival (do check the VISA requirements for your citizenship from your side) with a charge of USD 30.00 per person (this is before pandemic/ 2020).
  9. Pass app’ taxi app is the best option to roam around Phnom Penh city- it’s easily accessible and really cheap

That’s everything about Cambodia I know so far.. hopefully, there will be a lot more to share with you in future. In the meantime, if you have any questions do drop them in the comment section, I will be happy to answer. Stay safe my readers and the world will be your roaming place soon.. Happy New Yearrrr…..

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