My #SoloTrip to #Cambodia- #SiemReap #NightMarket

Southeast Asian countries are becoming more popular among tourists day by day, especially for westerners. Cambodia is one of the Asian countries, gaining popularity year after year and the statistics are really upward. One of the widely visited cities in Cambodia by tourists is Siem reap. Even I started my journey with Siem Reap this time. And apart from the world-known history, this city is famous for its nightlife (I only had the knowledge of the former actually!)

Talking about the nightlife of Siem Reap, there’s so much to say. Firstly Pub street area is called the Night market and that’s where the party starts after sundown. The Pub Street area is quite well spread and as that wasn’t enough, there is a General Art Night market across the road as well. So now it’s even a bigger spread.

The easy vagabonding stroll on the #PubStreet is joyous. The road in the evening is usually restricted to walkers, both sides of the road are packed with pubs and restaurants, shops, followed by street food vendors at the edge of the footpath, shopkeepers trying to draw customers to their stall; And, people walking on the road are mesmerized at all these (at least I was!).

The restaurants, showcasing their variety of fresh seafood caught for the day and you are welcome to choose from the variety and select your choice of dish. There are deserts everywhere. The famous Rolled Ice cream made from milk and your choice of your fruits and garnishes again as per your choice or tongue frozen fruit shakes! You have it all. If Asian food doesn’t attract you, there are restaurants serving burgers, pizzas (quite a few of them) pasta! How about live barbeque counters? Or if you are a strict street food lover there is plenty of mouth-watering variety available.

The weekends here are vibrant. A lot of people, then more lot of people coming on the street, restaurants filled till midnight, even some are open for the entire night and people are there to keep the waiters busy all night. Crazy isn’t it? But this place has its self-built attractive charm which will keep pulling you every evening till you are staying in the city.

Some tips while you visit the #SiemReap #NightMarket:

  1. Have time in your hand if you want to eat here.
  2. Have a nice slow walk to see which restaurant may suit your requirement and budget.
  3. You can get food from 1.5 USD to 7-8 USD per person.
  4. Do try those ice cream rolls or fruit shakes sold on the streets- nothing can match the taste.
  5. Sea food lovers, buckle up to taste some fresh grilled dish.
  6. There are souvenir/ gift shops around, do buy whatever you feel like, there are within your budget.
  7. Till you stay in Siem Reap, visit every evening here, you will come across something new every day, trust me on this!
  8. Lastly, enjoy this place!!

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