My Solo Trip to #Cambodia: Sihanoukville Sightseeing

What to see in Sihanoukville/ Things to do in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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My Solo Trip to #Cambodia: Sihanoukville

While I was on tour in Cambodia, a lot of people were talking about Sihanoukville but with all possible kind of disappointments, which made me really tensed and sad. Whoever had come from South and moving to north would advice to avoid Sihanoukville. Reason being, ‘some massive- crazy construction going on there”! Which made me wonder, how bad a construction could be for people to suggest against the place which is supposed to treasure some beautiful beaches?! I love beach, and I was so much looking forward to this particular stop, to walk on the beach during sunset, swim during early morning, savouring some fresh fruit chillers, and to enjoy the sun, sand & slurp… SO not being so clear about this objection of others, or maybe I also wanted to know how bad a construction work could be.. I stuck to my plan and went ahead with Sihanoukville.

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My Solo Trip to #Cambodia: Koh Kong- Things To Do

The small a town Koh Kong is, people here seems very peaceful, they love their leisurely time, and so is their simple, blissful life. So quite naturally it is expected that there isn’t much to do in this town but lay back for some time!! That’s in a way is correct, but the few limited activities available are surely exclusive and a sublime experience if that interests you. So better not underestimate this place.

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My Solo Trip to #Cambodia: Koh Kong

Another small eccentric town by the river further south of Battambang. My next stop after Battambang was Koh Kong, and it was quite a journey, Not a troublesome though, it was actually a long journey to keep it simple.

Actually let me tell you in detail in case you haven’t gone through the earlier posts on battambang. All the cities in Cambodia are well connected with Phnom Penh in first place. If you are coming to Siem Reap (even if you go to Battambang, the same applies) and you want to journey down south, you have to go VIA Phnom Penh. From Phnom Penh all the places barring north or south, will take minimum 6 hours to reach considering light traffic. So if you are coming from North or vice versa, take a Night Bus to Phnom Penh, then take the connecting bus to the next destination.

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My #SoloTrip to #Cambodia: #Sightseeing around #Battambang- Countryside Battambang , Killing Field And Bat Cave

A drive across the countryside #Battambang gets onto you. Crossing the oozing green farm fields over a tuk tuk ride, stopping by a small village bistro and trying freshly grilled Tacos with tangy salad; getting tanned in the summery weather is so pleasing!!

After Bamboo ride, the next stop was Killing cave, however there was few stops in between.

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