My Solo Trip to #Cambodia: Phnom Penh City- Part I

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The first thing which you are bound to notice when in Phnom Penh is the heavy traffic, ants’-line vehicles, and so many people!! And you will say ‘But it’s the capital city?’ Yes, it is and it’s bound to be the most populated city in the country, I know!! Phnom Penh is more of a developed concrete city, still improvising to stay up to date considering the advanced technical up-gradation going around the globe. So if it’s about modern luxury, hi-tech facility Phnom Penh will definitely be the topmost cities in ‘Cambodia’.. In #Cambodia..


Getting around Phnom Penh/ Transportation:

Phnom Penh is the capital city, hence all other major cities/ towns of Cambodia are well connected with this city by road. So you can access this city by bus very easily and it’s really safe and pocket friendly.

Phnom Penh has an international airport as well, apart from Siem Reap and Sihanoukville, so connecting from any part of the world is just not an issue.

When it comes to commuting within Phnom Penh city, apart from private cars, Tuk Tuk is the option. Now you may take any available tuk-tuk which will charge as per their own wish and not to mention they charge very high, then you bargain but end up paying more without even knowing.. I mean you don’t have any idea how high they may charge you. OR you may simply install PASSAPP on your phone which is the best tuk tuk option you get to roam around the city. They are dart cheap, take exact fare and very reliable and for these reasons, it’s so fun availing them even for a short distance!!

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There are ample options. Hostels, luxury properties, hotels, budget places everywhere. If you are using this city for a layover just to connect from one city to another and if you are taking a Bus, then I suggest staying close to the bus station area, there are hostels available for this. Otherwise, for me, personally, the area by the river is quite the place when it comes to choosing a pleasant locality while spending a few nights in the city. The royal palace, Night-market is also in that same area.  


Phnom Penh is the capital city and there’s quite hurly-burly when it comes to being crowded, heavy traffic, or loads of heads all around the city. Even then you may stay here for 4-5 nights considering the number of attractions you may go for. There are quite a few things to do or see, hence you may stay here for that long.


Surely the river area is the place, too many options for restaurants, bistros, cafes, etc. The best place to enjoy your brunch, evening snacks, and dinner. Range of cuisines, ambiance, prices.. minimum cost for food would be USD 4.00- 5.00 per person per meal.


If you haven’t planned for any hour-long cruise or if you have, even then the evenings should be spent across the river area. Even if you are not hungry, or maybe looking for late dinner, it’s ok, there’s a long broad promenade across the river, you can take a long walk, watch over the river, the temples, people offering their prayers there, the Royal palace illuminated, then there are so many people across the river area, the night market, there’s so much to look for, to spend some good time there. So evenings are to be by the river area, it’s just the place to be.

This is just an intro.. I have many many things to share about Phnom Penh.. so keep coming back, keep following my blogs, my social media channels- Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.. and you will get the notification of my next blog. Till then keep safe.. See you soon…

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