Reminiscing those Andaman Holidays

I don’t know how many posts have I dedicated to these flecks of greens and browns, positioned so firm over the constantly undulating Bay of Bengal for centuries now. No I don’t live in this island though I dream for it every day, night and evening; but every time I have visited this place, it has always been so fresh and so new than the last time. I can never have enough of this place; Andaman has always been the insufficient thirst for me which I never want to get over with.

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Best Beaches in Diglipur, Andaman- My Travel Guide to Andaman on a Budget

The northern part of Port Blair is blessed Virgin beaches in it’s all true definition. Diglipur, Rangat, Mayabunder are all together portray a different Andaman. Here are some list of best beaches in Rangat & Diglipur.

a. Ross and Smith Island in Andaman- this is for sure the main attraction here. From Aria bay you have to hire a speed boat (which will cost around 3000 per boat, the rate is revised every year). Around 15 minutes from aria bay to Ross island. you get 2 hours time to spend, for more you will be charged additionally on hourly basis. Ross and smith are 2 islands however the 2 islands are connected by a small sand line which is visible during low tide. The boatman will charge some extra money to take you to Smith island (rs 50-100 per person). However its worthy spending some hours there.

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Planning sightseeing tours of Port Blair, Andaman travel on a Budget

Port Blair: always the first stop of the trip to Andaman

Starting with the capital city, as from where ever you come (until you come by ship), you have to start your journey from Port Blair. There are lot of good hotels to stay in the city. But as we are talking about budget here, i have a very good option— Amit Lodge (+91 9434289106). I love staying here, it’s a very simple home stay, and basic amenities are provided and neat and clean. The best thing is the location. From 2nd floor you see the colour changing sea water, and the city market is at you right about 5 minutes walk away and the famous cellular jail at your left, again just 5 minutes walk away. The fish aquarium is down the street, Rajiv Gandhi Marine Park is another 6 minutes walk away from there. There is one more interesting thin to mention here, but I’ll come to that later*..

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My Budget Travel Guide to off -beat ANDAMAN- To North of Port Blair- Travel to Diglipur And Mayabunder- Part III

I felt so different, as if I had lost my self somewhere, i didn’t expect anything, yet it was astonishing, I simply lost my heart to this treasured island.

This is “That” part of Andaman which I was aching to share with you. #Diglipur. At the further north of #Andaman, where you get the most breath taking photogenic sights and beaches.

A 2 nights stay in #Diglipur is well enough, there are couple of good (good as in simple yet good enough, not high end) hotel options stay. But you have to well arrange everything (hotel and car) before setting off for the journey here, specially if it’s a weekend.

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My Travel guide to ANDAMAN on a Budget – Travel to Havelock Island

Once Port Blair has frolicked its charisma quite satisfactorily on you, keep that reverie in motion, because the islands are still left to spellbound you.

Travelling to Havelock Island from Port Blair:

Next stop will be #Havelock island. a good 1-2 nights is good here for stay, your daily cost can be a little more than main island here, but for small stay that can be taken care of i guess. A lot of hotels/ a government resort (Dolphin resort is available- the resort is by the beach). Also some budget property, more of bed and breakfast can be found. Coconut crave is one example.

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