Best Beaches in Diglipur, Andaman- My Travel Guide to Andaman on a Budget

The northern part of Port Blair is blessed Virgin beaches in it’s all true definition. Diglipur, Rangat, Mayabunder are all together portray a different Andaman. Here are some list of best beaches in Rangat & Diglipur.

a. Ross and Smith Island in Andaman- this is for sure the main attraction here. From Aria bay you have to hire a speed boat (which will cost around 3000 per boat, the rate is revised every year). Around 15 minutes from aria bay to Ross island. you get 2 hours time to spend, for more you will be charged additionally on hourly basis. Ross and smith are 2 islands however the 2 islands are connected by a small sand line which is visible during low tide. The boatman will charge some extra money to take you to Smith island (rs 50-100 per person). However its worthy spending some hours there.

b. Aamkunj beach– on the way to Rangat you will find the beach. Spend some quiet time with you self some times

c. Mangrove walk– there is a small resort close to this Mangrove walk. Mangrove walk is a small walkable bridge is built on the marsh mangrove, after 15-20 minutes walk on the bridge you are on the beach. You will get small relaxing hatches to rest for some time in between the walk or for having small picnic lunch. The beach is nothing special, but the water is azur blue. Here more than the beach the walk is the main attraction, the trees are hushed , light tweeter of birds and the only sound quite audible is your own heartbeat and you are walking along the bridge, thinking how far is the beach, looking down at the marshes and think “ can there be crocks” (no there isn’t any, but i was thinking quite desperately), the look of the mangrove is very grey and while a lot of mystical things going inside your head, the bridge has ended to a mud road and there’s the beach, shinning gold sand and flawless water sipping the sky.

Usually all beaches in Rangat/ Diglipur is well kept, and they are operational (local food stalls/ cleaning the weeds form the beach area etc) during season time (Oct to March/Apr), also you can find a lot of turtle hatcheries in Diglipur, after November, its season for Turtles to come on the beach to hatch eggs.

d. Karmatang beach– you can request the driver to take you there for some time.

e. Kalipur beach: the mangrove stands so bright on the blue water here completely contradicting my usual perception on mangrove which only had been quite ghostly so far..

f. Moricedera beach—on your way back to Port Blair stop here for some time.

Though I am repeating, the beaches in Diglipur and Rangat are all tourist friendly beaches, and there are arrangements for tourists like clean benches, toilets (kept closed on off season except at Ross & Smith) however if you want some quiet time, every beach has a life guard on duty till 5pm (and after that the beaches are closed) so you can go and enjoy there.

The entire journey of #Diglipur taught me to be grateful in the life i am, with the privileges i have been blessed with. Life starts very early here in northern island, and the day winds up by 8-9 pm max . Most of the population are Bengali/ Tamil & Burmese.

So you get local food here, my suggestion is while in #Diglipur do try some Bengali cuisine in a small eatery. And don’t forget to try some #Diglipur special Rasgulla (you don’t get the same taste in Kolkata or all over in India, here you get sweets made of pure goat cheese.. yummm it is).

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