My Solo Travel Guide to #Bali- A full day sightseeing of Bali from #Sanur.. #Indonesia Travel on a Budget

Belanjong Temple, Sanur:

I had purposely kept one day to footslog around the town and decided to visit Pura Belanjong on foot. My apartment in Sanur was close to Parigata beach, from here it took me 25 minutes to reach Belanjong temple taking bypass road. Belanjong temple is rarely visited by tourists, a small tranquil temple, sitting here for sometimes feels really good. There is another attraction behind the temple, called Belanjong inscription. It’s a fat cement pillar, with some Sanskrit and old Balinese language carved on it. Though nothing is described at the entrance or anywhere on the temple, neither the locals are very clear of the story, the place is very quite nice anyway.

From Belanjong temple, if you switch on the Google map, at 14 minutes walking distance you will find Sanur beach or Sudamala Beach. The road to the beach is from a residential area; hence if you are not able to find the way, someone will be there to help you with the route.

From Sanur beach, there are two ways to come back to Parigata beach, one is across the beach, there is a well paved long walk-a-way connecting the beaches in Sanur and for sure this walk will be amazing in late afternoon. One can stop by the beach side cafe, sip coffee and watch the sun going down the horizon. OR, there is another option, coming from the main road connecting the two beaches, looking at the options of restaurants, shopping, art studios and what not. Both these walk take 20 minutes max.

Sanur Night Market in Bali:

This is the best place to try local Indonesian street food. Plenty of options to choose from, getting confused as to what to eat and what not. I had to take 2-3 rounds to decide what i wanted to eat. I recommend to start with a juice, as i found the juices very fresh (specially Papaya/ Pineapple), and then stroll around the stalls, some selling soupy noodles, then there is Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rise) or roasted duck, fried noodles, Sattey, fried noodles, stuffed bread and what not!! One dinner definitely can be planned here. Food cost is absolutely affordable. Like a juice costs you 15k IDR to 20k IDR. Other dishes may cost 20k to 30k IDR per person. #Sanur_night_market is appx 25 minutes walking distance away from #Parigata beach entrance.

For one full day excursion in Bali I had booked #Bali exciting tour from Perama tours, below was my itinerary for the day:

Our first stop for the day was Gunung Kawi temple: the entrance to this temple is 15k IDR per person. The first things to be remembered before entering any Indonesian temple is, one has to wear a Sarong, a wrapper kind of cloth, and its available for free in most of the temples. After getting your ticket to enter the temple and after you have tied the sarong, get your hiker’s spirit on, because you have to take lot of steps to get down to the temple. This temple is carved in the hills in the mid of rice fields, and includes quite a bit of sea saw ride on the steps. This temple has shrines of the royal family and apart from this the natural view of and from the place is amazing. One needs at least an hour’s time to see the entire temple area.

Note: while returning the sharong to the temple person, you have to pay some donation as per your wish.

After which we visited, the famous rice terrace in Ubud:

I should not forget to mention that the drive across Ubdu is serene; every side of this town is extravagantly green, as if an artist has just painted the town fresh and he had only one colour left on his palate, a lavishing emerald green. And i kept a not in my mind that next time I must plan a stay in Ubud.

The entrance to the rice terrace is 10k IDR. However once inside the rice field and if you hike down and then up from one end to the other, you need to pay donation (as per your wish) at 2-3 places. Though this cardio exercise is fairly tiring, the fresh bright greenery all around the place is very appeasing. In the middle of the terrace, you can take a ride of the giant swing (probably 40k idr per person for the ride). The entire hike may take about 90 minutes to come back to the starting point.

By this time one will be very very hungry for lunch and the best place is Kintamani to have food watching over Mt Batur.

Mt. Batur in Kintamani, Bali:

Before entering Kintamani, one has to pay 33K IDR to enter Kintamani. Now there are 2 options to enjoy a view of Mt Batur, your driver will take you to a restaurant and you can enjoy a clear view of Mt Batur while having lunch. Mostly these restaurants offer buffet lunch with vast menus which may cost around 145K IDR per person. The experience is quite assuring as gorging on food viewing Mt Batur and relishing the windy weather. It’s really nice!

In case you are not interested in the above, the driver can take you to the view point to enjoy a view of Mt Batur, but as for me, I think the first option is really a good one. (however for 2nd option, please carry some food, or you can have some food a Ubud as well after the trip to Rice terrace, there are plenty of eateries around)

Next stop was The stretched away Tukad Bangkung Bridge on Bali:

This bridge is claimed to be the highest in Asia and longest bridge in Bali. The guide gives you time to walk across the bridge before picking you up from the other end of it. The walk is breezy, being built over the lush green hills and very comforting, and of course scenic.

After this we went to NungNung Waterfall:

The entrance to the waterfall is 10K IDR per person. As it’s a waterfall, quite naturally people will have lot of expectations. But there’s always a price to be paid for good things. You have to take 433 steps down to reach the waterfall. Better carry your swim suit, towel, or an extra set of clothes to get refreshed and energize to come all the way up, bathing in the waterfall. Trust me, even after taking all those tiresome steps, the journey for the waterfall is really worthy. The force of the milky water pounding on the rock, splashing some drops on the people who are not bathing in the water!! The water is cool, not calm but reliefs you.

Our last destination for the day was Sangeh Monkey Forest or Sacred Monkey Forest:

Entrance to the #Sacred monkey forest is 30K IDR. Before entering the national park, tourists are warned to be careful of their belongings and of course to be aware of the obvious beings, “Monkeys”. However let me tell you that, yes you should be aware of yourself by all means, but please don’t tempt the monkeys to be aggressive on you. There are more than 700 monkeys inside the forest. You will see enough monkeys, the monkey kings (not as big as “The Jungle Book” monkey King but fat enough to identify the kings of each clan), monkey families etc. There are guides who will take you for the tour inside the forest for free of cost, they have foods with them, and if you really want to touch the monkeys, want to feed them they can help you with that. The monkeys will get on your shoulder, will take food from your hand, but be patient with them they won’t harm you but be careful. This tour at early evening is really appropriate after an entire day’s physical effort.

The full day tour was filled with Balinese flavor, Lot of extra fat losing and really exciting.

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