Best Places to visit in #Candisasa- My solo travel guide to #Bali; #Indonesia Travel on a Budget

Lotus lagoon & Pura @ Candidasa: a huge pond filled with lotus buds and huge round shaped lotus leafs in the mid of the village overlooking the blue sea. The big lemon green leafs floating on the transparent yet blue water is like a picture perfect scene.

Just opposite to the lagoon is Candidasa temple. One has to pay a donation as per their wish and take a sarong to enter the temple. The temple is simple, beautiful; the best part is some 50 stairs away which is a bird eye view of the place. Which is undoubtedly colourful and scenic, the different shades of blue and green all around is a pleasure to the eyes.

I had decided to take a tour of this place on the back of a bike. I took a full day Bike with a rider and started my sightseeing. The entire tour amongst the villages was as beautiful as an artist’s pro artwork. Sometimes I used to feel the ride to never end; though of course i had to stop at the following places:

Day 1: Places to visit in Candidasa: What to see in Candidasa, Bali:

Lempuyang Temple:

the most talked about and very famous and highly regarded temple in this region. It’s called the door to heaven. There are 7 temples built at different stages of Mt. Lempuyang overlooking the beautiful Mt. Agung. The entire tour of the temple takes almost 4 hours, but it depends how far you want to go. Most of the people for sure go till the first level which is just 5 minutes walk away, and to take picture at the door, one has to wait in the queue, the earlier you come, lesser will be the waiting time.

The second level is 2 km away. One can walk to the second level which is breathing fresh oxygen with every inhale and also the greenery is soothing to the eyes, but as a second option one can take the ojek ride (riding on the back of a bike) to the second level which may cost 50k IDR per person one way. After 2nd level, the next level is 1017 steps away. It is said that the birds’ eye view from the top is breath taking, though I had to give up at the second level.

Note: there is no entrance to be paid but 10K IDR is taken to hire a sarong and a donation is asked at the counter before entering the temple (donation as per your wish).

Tirta Ganga temple

The entrance to Tirta Ganga is 30K IDR per person. It’s the former water palace with maze of pools, fountains, and garden across the area. The tour of the entire place takes about 45 minutes, while moseying around the place the cool effect of the water helps to beat the heat.

Taman Ujung Water Palace:

The entrance to this palace is 50K IDR per person. It’s the former King’s palace, an extensive area, with a simply built summer palace, various water bodies, and view points, garden etc. A walk around the place may take about 40 minutes.

The chocolate factory in Candidasa:

A small chocolate factory in the village of Jasri (a toll of IDR 5000 per person to be paid to enter the village) is worth a visit; if not for the chocolate then i can give you other option to visit this place. The entrance to the factory is 10K IDR per person. They show the chocolate making process which is a 2 minutes explanation, and then one can buy chocolates (starting form 50K) and can enjoy chocolate drink/ coffee at the cafe (on extra payment of course).

Now if Chocolate is not enough to go to the place, there are 3 giant swings by the beach for free to swing high, and yes!! The ‘beach’ is insanely beautiful; you can actually enjoy surfing here as well.

Also if you want, there are couple of accommodation to stay at Jasri for 1 night or 2, stay at Jasri will be in utmost quietude only the swashing of waves will be at your company.

** There is also another option for Tenganan Pegringsingan tour, where one can see tea plantation, coffee plantation and honey making process, i was not quite interested for it, hence skipped it.

Day 2: Full day sightseeing tour of Candidasa: some adventure activity in Candidasa, Bali

I had decided to indulge in some snorkelling hence decided to go to #Amed beach on the back of bike.

** One can go to the deep sea by boat and can enjoy snorkelling, which may cost 400K-450K IDR, and the duration will be 3 hours.

However for someone first timer like me or people who wants to spend the whole day by the beach, #Amed is a great option. Apart from its beauty, the black sand beach has many species of fishes and corals which is great for snorkellers. The water calms your mind, body and soul and the underwater world is ‘woww’. Hiring snorkel gear will cost 80K IDR per person. Also you can lie on the beach, swim in the water for the whole day.
If you want to rent the beds, they are managed by Villa coral restaurants, usually they charge 25K IDR per bed, but if you have food/ juices in their restaurants, you bed charge is free, and I found that to be a great deal, because the food is really good, especially the chilled juices, and they are fairly priced.

Also one can stay at #Amed, as there are quite a few hotels/ resorts/ home stays (also quite a few restaurants)… but I recommend Villa Coarl for stay as it’s on the main beach.

My last stop of the tour in Candidasa was at the very famous #PantaiPasirPutih or in simple English The #WhiteSandBeach:

IDR 10K per person needs to be paid as a toll to go to the white sand beach or as it’s called the virgin beach. One thing to be mentioned here is, all the beaches in karangasem, are very original as per the locals, and as per me the beaches here are still pristine and untainted, less explored, undoubtedly mesmerising, and some mystique beauty.

So white sand beach is definitely worth a visit; the gushing waves, the changing shades of the water at different distance, the look of the beach from the hill and from up front, every time the view is inexplicably and deeply bluish and ever changing. And also it’s quite recommendable for swimming.

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