Best Places to visit in #Candisasa- My solo travel guide to #Bali; #Indonesia Travel on a Budget

Lotus lagoon & Pura @ Candidasa: a huge pond filled with lotus buds and huge round shaped lotus leafs in the mid of the village overlooking the blue sea. The big lemon green leafs floating on the transparent yet blue water is like a picture perfect scene.

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Travelling to East of Bali – Solo travel to #Candidasa, #Bali.. #Indonesia Travel on a Budget

After my stay in #Sanur, I decided to head towards east of #Bali, my next destination was #Candidasa, which is a small village in Amlapura District. The travel distance between #Sanur and #Candidasa is 1.5 hours by road, and the earlier you start is better to avoid traffic. There are 2 options to reach #Candidasa, one is by private taxi/ car which may cost appx 400K IDR for a car; for 3-4 people travelling together, taking private car is a good deal, but for solo traveller like me can book Perama shuttle which costs 75K IDR per person and these are daily transfer, hence quite cost effective and the drivers are good and professional. Also a backpacker can also hire a bike/ scooter (which may cost 70K IDR per day).

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