BlogchatterA2Z 2020

Theme 2020:

On the way.. They Gave a Hand

Travel is a wonderful activity, isn’t it? Travelling is as important to me as living life everyday can be.

If you see me lost somewhere, not focusing on anything, blame it to the word #Travel. It can pin me down anytime, anywhere. I don’t brag!!

But tell me one thing; every travel has a story right? Everywhere you go, what you see, how you feel, all these combine to a rainbow story in your life, isn’t it?

It’s the same for me as well only one difference may be.. I find stories, lots of them. On this season of #BlogchatterA2Z, I will be telling you my experience on ‘who’.  We meet so many new people, get to know them, their culture, their travel style and so much. Our own travel plan goes great at times and then there are blunders (at least in my case there are!).. but every-time I have come across people whom I could never forget.. So this season is dedicated to them.. I am gearing up..  

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