Indonesia- My first ever Solo Travel

The excitement was way too high since morning, I was trying very hard to concentrate on my work, as i had to pull few clogged ends at work before giving a handover to my boss for next one week. Finally I am flying out of the country tonight, for some days and what’s so big deal!! This is me travelling with myself for next entire week.

On the way to the airport, all of a sudden I was getting nervous (I still haven’t understood the reason), and after clearing the immigration, all of a sudden, I was feeling so light and free without any tension. I was only looking forward.

I had to change flight at Bangkok and i had a six hours lay over at Bangkok airport. I remember every moment I spent there. I have heard many people saying to me, ‘ if the layover is more than 2-3 hours, its waste of time, its way too long wait in the airport, and etc. Somehow my 6 hours at Bangkok was quite pleasant. I had a thorough walk across the airport, among the duty free counters, after that when i was tried walking, I came to the wings for some food, rest and I had my story book to spend the rest of the hours.

Even, when I didn’t want to read books, walking across the gate-ways area, seeing people coming and taking the onward flight, families-friends-couples- grand parents travelling with grand children so many different combination of people were travelling together. Observation is also a very close word to Travel. These small little actions make time more friendly to us, as all these undramatic scenes are anyway enjoyable.

Travel to Indonesia, was eye opening. Before this, let me tell you, My parents have never been ready to let me go on a solo trip. But this adamant minded trip was a teacher to me. I met New people, spoke to various locals, roamed on the road, ate local food and above everything, i was very comfortable being alone. This trip taught me, what more am i capable of , Eve after knowing my limitation and following it, I still put an amazing trip and the experience was contenting.

Travelling alone has been a satisfactory learning for me, going by my decision and being successful on it has been encouraging and gave me the power to ‘keep going’..

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