Jack of all travel!!

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‘Trade?’ corrected Reeti, as she thought I said it wrong.

‘No.. Travel.’ I answered with confidence.

‘I knew the maxim is- Jack of all trade, master of none?’ So easily Reeti loses her patience. Of course this is correct, doesn’t she know me? It has to be something else. I thought she is my sisterly best friend (though I will never dare to tell this on her face)!!

‘Who am I to deny you this!’ She is getting puzzled, she took few sips of that tongue melting evening Chai.

‘From where “Jack of all Travel” come from? This sounds so ..’ she was looking for some words..’ok let’s just say, different!’ Which means she doesn’t have a clue what she is thinking of this phrase.

I love when Reeti and I indulge in such conversation. Actually it’s me who involves and indulges more, This woman only becomes a pre-heated oven, ready to bake!

This time is not in my cozy bedroom, this is Shantiniketan . Both Reeeti and I have come for a weekend trip. After a full day’s trip and lots of Shopping at the Haat, we are back to the guest house. We were enjoying the evening tea with some crispy hot ‘Telebhaja’ and as usually our this-that discussion.

“Jack of all travel come from here’ I pointed to my corner temple, which meant brain.

‘Ooh.. Brain Payel??’ She asked quite plainly

‘Brain Turtle!’ My lips were half circled in a shy smile.

‘SO what is a definition of this new phrase?’ She took a bite on her second Alur Chop.

‘The definition is self made of course. See, I love to travel right? And I do say many times to you that I want to see the entire world? Its about how I want to see the world?’, I always get lost somewhere when talking about travel.

Reeti didn’t respond but nodded twice and wanted me to continue.

‘I want to see the world, I want to go to each countries not for once, but again and again, see their summer, winter, Christmas, Monsoon, Sakura, fire festivals, rituals etc. I want to see it all. I want to travel to the cities, villages of all these countries for months. Travel should be at a slow place and for months if you ask me. I wish i get to do this’ I was still visualising I am travelling with a suitcase and a back pack, from city to towns, towns to country side, eating brunch at a local small eatery; Waiting at the airport to board the plain or travelling on a train engrossed in beauty of nature..

‘You really dream this?’ Reeti for an alteration was a bit surprised to my confession and her eyes were kind of sparkling, ‘ This is so different, I have never heard someone to say like this.’

‘Well I’m sure all travellers think like this, may be you haven’t met one till now’ I kept the empty cup on the tray and also took the empty plate of Telebhaja and Reeti’s empty cup too, and stood up to go to the kitchen to give it back to the Maharaaj, who must be busy preparing our dinner..

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