Envious for Travel!!!

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‘What do you mean you are Jealous?’ Reeti asked looking at me with her otherwise beautiful, eagle’s eyes, completely vexed on my comment.

‘I mean I am JEALOUS, how many meaning does this upsetting word has?!’ I looked up from the touch screen phone, surfing Facebook rigorously, as if after office hours this is the ‘being free now’ right!

‘Not that this is a news to me, but don’t you think you are overthinking it now??’ Reeti’s face was ‘the water is about to boil’, she flumped on the olive green, bean bag sofa placed right in front of my bed, still looking at me.

‘How can I control my water leaking thoughts .. actually feelings if you ask me the term! I would have been the happiest person not to feel like this, but I Cant help.’ I exhaled with a loud sigh and pouted like a pug, lying flat on my stomach on the bed, trying to calm my dear friend.

Reeti calmly looked at me, sat cross legged on the sofa, and i know still baffled, then slowly messaging her dry scalp asked me, ‘ ok, tell me how can someone else’s travel status can make you jealous? Why doesn’t it make it happy?’

I wanted to break loose these pre-heated emotion and give them some loud voice, hence immediately made myself easily involved in this conversation. sitting up on the bed, taking the pillow on my lap for a support to keep my hands, I said, ‘ Eti (this is what i call her), I know its strange, but whenever i see people travelling for a holiday, i feel sad, very sad for myself. I just feel why am i not travelling in their place!’ I looked clueless, at least I thought I was looking like one!

‘Don’t you work for the travel industry? Everyday you are sending so many people abroad, so your feelings for them is also bittery like this?’ Reeti questioned trying to understand the seriousness of my thinking, not that she is some psychiatrist but as i said i wanted to involve in this argument!

‘Actually no. My passengers are part of my work achievement kind, you know.. So they don’t affect in this category. But whenever I see someone from this industry, even if they are not related to my company or any of my friend is travelling, I feel like this!’ I told the truth, and I truly feel like this, whenever I see someone travelling, I get so demotivated.

‘You just came back from a trip last month, someone else’s holiday should not affect you, be happy with your Life’ Now she can’t find any logic to my words, she laid back on the sofa and rested her hear on the foamy, half round shaped back support of the sofa. Both her hands on her head, doesn’t know what to think and what else to ask me. For sure she doesn’t have any helping words for me

‘I should be worried like this Eti, but I am just not happy in others’ good moments. I know this is abnormal, but I always want to travel, 10-6 job seems so boring at times.’ Happy now! I lied on my back looking at the white ceiling of my room, my toes wriggling in front of her face.

I don’t know the expression of her face now, but must be she has leaned on her right, supporting her right temple with the palm, resting the elbow on her right leg, and lost among many doubts! ‘ How about you stop being on Facebook or Instagram and all this?’

‘Not gonna work, I go out, meet people, get all where-abouts of my colleagues, friends, industry as a whole’ i said still looking at the ceiling, (may be i should get some glowing stars painted here for the dreamy night vision!)

‘Then this discussion is also meaningless. Keep being envious to others’ holiday then. What else can i say’ my friend has given up on me, she stood up, went inform of the mirror to fix her hair.

‘ There is this new caffe, with nice british theme, vintage red coloured walls, they also serve nice chocolate brownie’

‘ Why are you telling me now, let’s go. Its Friday. I need some fresh air and good latte mocha’ I jumped off the bed to get ready..

‘ Ya and change your job you know… How about being a blogger??’ Did she mean that!!

‘ That can be the plan as well.. Seems interesting .. Let’s see’… (She still doesn’t know about this plan and that I have already started to build my website!!)

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