Deciding the T factor..

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Remember the Dream I spoke of, yesterday?.. That wasn’t the only once kind. This dream keeps visiting me as often as my desire for chocolates, or may be, the vision tip toes around the corner of my eyes every time!!

In my opinion, Travel is not a big word, followed by not a big deal of action at all. You just got to have a stipulated budget to plan a holiday and that’s it.. Get- Set- Goo.

As I said, Travel is not a big word, but the synonyms of this word are really big and carries more weight. for example, Explorer, wanderer, wayfarer, Gypy, vagabond, nomad and what not.. I hope it’s quite an agreeable logic!!

The reason why the later words carry a weight and the prior one not that much, is, it depends on, ‘how you are travelling’ ,on this entire sentence than the word only ‘travelling’..

Are you travelling for status up-gradation or soul satisfaction, or may be someone is taking you to a sponsored trip or your passport needs more VISA stamps and surely facebook needs more followers, all these and similar humanly reasoning defines the tonnage of travel and accordingly one or more (may be) synonym is awarded.

Now, there are trillionaires or zillionaires who have their own luxury brand of hotels, yatchs or they can only afford well defined grandiosity, they do not stand in this categorization.. not that its beyond possibility, the fact is, we budget travelers, then won’t find any place, anywhere near the frame. It’s just being self- absorbing to tell you and protecting the position of other travelers for whom traveling with branded MNCs seriously matters.

So, coming to an arising question now, ‘What is the difference between travel and the other heavy-weight synonyms?’

Let me give you an example, have you been to Kerala? where have you been? Kochi, Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey, Kovalam? Have you tried the local food? Did you enjoy it? Did you speak to the local people there? How about the local bus or train, have you taken a ride of any of those?

If the answer is, ‘Yes I have been to all these places, I tried the local food but its too coconutty, and sour, so after trying once I was happy with the north variety. We had our car and guides booked so speaking to locals wasn’t that necessary unless it was the driver, guide or hotel boys’… You my dear friend, in such case, are a lovely traveler.

BUT, if someone says, ‘I have been to some of these places and some off beat villages in Kerala, where tourism is still tottering, I walked around the cities, towns and villages of Kerala, tried all local food be it the spicy curries or the chilled seasonal fruit juices every day, even I tried the tangy street foods. I also had to speak to the locals because I was travelling by public transport, by government buses or local trains, I had to take their help, and they are so helpful and friendly people. The trip has been fantastic and I saw some beautiful places in Kerala’. Well, Bag the later adjectives for yourself then…

Happy #exploring, #discovering, #wandering…

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