Choosing Travel..

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There were all kinds of green everywhere. When the mountains were painted thickly, in all kinds of Lincoln, Parakeet and shamrock green; fleck of auburn leaves were generously dabbed on them and in between the long, dark-brownie colored tree trunks were well visible. Some trees had even grown, cherry red or wild pink flowers. At the lime green field in-front of me, which was the open way to the woods some mahogany and caramel dead tree trunks were still standing high, scoffing on their strong upbringing may be.. The grass underneath were fern and moss green, and many of them were peeking with white, yellow and violet buds.. It must have been spring there. I could hear the beasty sound of water whomping on the giant rocks, I couldn’t see the falls yet but i could figure that, the stream must be foamy and milky white..

‘Is it possible to bathe there?’ I asked to myself.. I was standing at the open space, from where I could see the entire canyon valley clearly. With the backpack on my shoulder, and snickers well buckled, hair up-tied in a bun as always, loose shorts and T was a good choice to fight the heat for the long trek I took since morning. I noticed that, I was the only person present there, and couldn’t find anyone else, only some bird cooing somewhere high above the trees. The constantly flowing air had an unfamiliar wild woody smell but it was relaxing, ‘where am i? This is such a picture!” again I told myself

I was lost in that scenery.. then all of the sudden, the entire valley started trembling with a noise!!! ‘ What’s happening ?’ confused i got.. and just then I swiftly brushed my finger on the touch screen of my phone! It’s 6am. Dream over time!

I wanted to go back to sleep and continue seeing that dream, but ‘Good morning! Bonus doesn’t come twice a year! Does it!!’

‘How could you go wrong my dear Brain?’ and I sat up on the bed. I all of a sudden, remembered the sales training program I had attended 4 years back. The slightly taller than me and slender looking gentleman, who was assigned to develop our ‘could be existing’ skills, had asked each one of us a question. ‘ What is your dream in life.’

I clearly remember each word I had spoken, ‘ one day I want to travel and see the entire world’.

This over-rated dream of mine, is still as vivid as the trending android version. And my travel dreams are in my eyes, radiant; in my mind, updating every moment; and in my much alive heart, beating always..

Yes, I choose TRAVEL above all my dreams.. #ilovetotravel..

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