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This was a summer evening last year, weather report said monsoon will be roaring in some days (though that’s nothing important in this context) so, since morning I was surfing websites after websites to find some information on my upcoming holiday, I wanted to be prepared with as much information as i could gather before landing to my very first out of India trip.

The problem I was facing each time was, one website had one detail then other had another, then after searching so much nothing was coming up.

“How come only some flattery words help us planning a holiday, doesn’t money matter? or am I the only one who is paying for her own trip??” (to keep you doubt free, any budget traveler will sit with a calculator first than a credit card before planning a trip, and if its an international trip, the same calculation will repeat quite a few times!!)

Another hour’s research, surfing, noting down, addition, multiplication on calculator, I thought..

” If I could have been a travel blogger, I want to say it all even the food cost, entrance fees, tips and everything which involves shell out the pocket, so that people can follow my journey and get all information they need before planning/ going”

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‘Being a Travel blogger!!’… Yaa right!!

My mind: ‘How much could you manage in those essays in school’

Me: ‘You are right, God knows what all pops up my mind!!’

My mind: ‘May be your brain needs a renewal!’

Me: ‘I haven’t thought of being a blogger… I, a blogger!! which part of my brain has started growing grey cells??’

My mind: ‘You need to sleep for the day’

My mind: ‘You should never stop listening to your heart though, you know.. just saying , but for sure writing is so not you’..

Well I DID, Listen ..

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