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In hardcore tourism terminology a Destination where a tourists is planning to go, is actually called the Attraction.. Now in my own simplified self understanding, A Place which is attracting me to travel there, is ‘Attraction’ for me!! Simple , isn’t it?!!

Now the irony or humor is.. the attraction is like, the same pole of two strong magnets where the pulling power is full fledged but the travel element repels, (just like the girlfriend whose boyfriend has forgotten her Valentine’s gift).. Due to obvious reasons of course, the ’10-6 jobs’ / ‘bank account’ goes down south and drags up ‘travel’ to north .. Here to be little more specific, I am an unsatisfied soul, for whom 2 official vacation in a year is not just unacceptable, it surely injustice to human rights..

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So I am left with only my dreams (thinking when will this be me?!) and the smart phone in hand (which definitely should have lot lesser information on people’s personal life than it shows on social media), which keeps updating me on my , someone or the other ‘very close’ Face book friends’ travel status on daily basis.. ‘much awaited break/ vacation mode on/ traveling to …’ and what not.. and here I am , eyeing all these in between my work break, which can be something close to stalking others happiness quotient and the next moment checking my mails which are to be replied before 6 pm

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