Wings to Turtle- Turtle Got Wings…

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As decision has been made to a become a blogger, now it’s time to departmentalize all the diverse thoughts nicely, inside the refrigerator. Be it making travel plans, writing them down, re-arranging them, publishing them.. which reminded where to publish these writing? Will that need a website? A website!! I am no tech person!! And I never took science seriously in school! I don’t have any money to pay a tech genius! So it can’t be website. SO only FB page? How many places have I been to? How many write ups to put? So, my brain is like the abandoned classroom of children who are shouting out everything in their capacity, and there is no teacher to roll her eyes on them to make them sit quietly .

So it’s a lot of jostling and kicking myself to make some sense out of my ‘completely lost inside a multiple store’ brain. But I have no clue how will I put up a website! Ideas are oozing like running tap water and I am not getting any bucket handy to store them!

‘May be, going with the first option was better! ‘writing is not my thing and better not to think anymore- that one, it’s gonna be tough’. Seems like a forbidden thought has struck me very hard and there’s no escaping.

‘Travel blogging’… ‘Travel Bloggers’…’ How to be a travel blogger’… next 2-3 days has been some homeworking on google, making some plan in my mind after I finally managed to settle my over the speed running brain down. Also, ‘how to open a website on your own’, ‘how to build a website by yourself’ has been inclusive of it.

Google has assured that it’s possible for a non- technical nerd to build a website by her own, all sorts of supporting elements to prepare a website are well available, I just have to put up the design and that’s it. Oo that’s easy, even I handle my smart phone quite well, then a website, how tough can it be!! Don’t I live life on technology!!

But I am forgetting something very basic and without which it’s not possible to move further. Who will I be? What should I call this new avatar!! I need to have a name.. That’s also easy, just a name… No, a nice name.. No, a nice but something different.. And something interesting.. Ok, lets start with the super easy task first…

Travel… mmm.. Travel & Me (seems I’m campaigning for election!).. Defining Travel (people will think I am giving online lecture on travel!!).. No, no; Something which is very me but interesting… what am I??? mmm.. I can relate myself with Turtle!! always slow.. Ok then, let’s see.. Turtle Travel (where?? to Indian Ocean??) .. Tale of Turtle (am I the storyteller Granny!!).. Aaa something to do with flying..Ya fly the world.. Focus!! Wings to turtle!! sounds ok ok.. What else can it be??.. Turtle flies.. Turtle who flies.. Turtle with wings!!… Oh I got it.. TURTLE GOT WINGS… Turtle Got Wings.. turtle got wings.. This is it… (By the way it took exactly the half of a round cake to think this!!)

But how will people understand if it’s related to travel!! Why? the word ‘Travel’ can only define travel blogging?? We will figure out this later, but I am well defined now.. I am the turtle who got her wings.. I am ‘Turtle Got wings’…

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