X Factor in Travel

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‘Ok here it says you have to find your niche to write’ Reeti (as usually the same old person and also I don’t have many payjama buddies for sleepover parties) was searching on the internet for the entire morning, (she could have plan for a PHD if she wanted)

“Now what is niche?” asked Pradip, [Yes there is a new addition in the group today! Our dear friend has finally come for a holiday to his home land from his karmabhumi (working place) Bengaluru.]

Whenever Pradip is in town, he has to visit our house and my ‘otherwise preferring short cut’ mommy, loves to cook so many things for our union party. So both Reeti and Pradip is in my house since breakfast time. Pradip had already informed that he would have my mother’s special Kochuri and alur dum for breakfast, he also has a weak heart for Bengal sweets and he always literally orders me to surprise him on this sector, and as loving he is to us, I always tend to look for new variety of sweets in the city just to see my friend jumping with the sweet satisfaction.

We had finished our breakfast, Pradip still had one black forest and a mango sweet to finish which he was taking his own time to savor (my mother gave him 4 where Reeti and I could only manage one each!). As my mild declaration on travel blogging was posted on facebook, they both were all agog to know more about it.

The best part of having them (sometimes a bit hazardous though) by my side is, doesn’t matter whether I am certain about anything or not, they always blindingly are. So when the topic came up while gorging on the kochuris, they wanted to help me with everything they could because I still wasn’t the know it all on blogging and they had to participate.

‘Niche is she has be particular with the genre she wants to target to write for or she has to have a target market.’ Pradip looked at me with a blank face while Reeti was still busy surfing.

‘ For example, there are families travelling, couples travelling, then couples traveling with a crawling toddler, like I travel solo.. so for writing blogs I should chose a particular category among these available ones and write focusing that target market.’ Pradip gave a continuous up-down nod, that he has understood.

‘I actually call it X factor, that’s easy to understand. This niche is a heavy and holding a bigger corner of the room sort of word.’

‘Yes that’s easy.’ Pradip hardly disagrees with me, not sure whether its purposely! But this lady will have something to say on my understanding.

‘You always have your own understanding about things. Why not learn a new term and carry it?’

Pradip and I looked at each other without giving any expression, ‘What’s wrong with X factor?’

‘Seems like those heroines in Bollywood where the producers are grinding this word till the husks are exhausted.

We all had to laugh at it, ‘But for an understanding it’s not a bad idea, My X factor is I travel free and all alone. ‘ I spread both my hands like wings and was about to visualize a nice scene …

‘Which reminds, Uncle-Aunty still don’t know about your expeditions! Should we tell them?’ Look at Reeti!! she also joined Pradip giggling like a hyena!!

‘I thought you wanted to have Ma’s special Mutton biriyani and fish fry?? Also I had made some ice cream, but ok, I will have them all, Get lost!’

Both the grinning Piranas tried best to look innocent and gave ‘Oh we are just joking’ look! Morons!!

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