You Travel Alone?!

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September 2018, In Bali:


Oh Hello!

‘I hope you liked the room and everything is fine?’

‘Oh, Nothing can be better, It’s wonderful, Thank you.’

‘I just thought to check with you once, if you need anything.’

‘No I don’t think I need anything only, to keep connected to the world I will need the wifi password, will you please help me with that, why don’t you sit by the way?’

‘Thank you. The wifi password is _____ (even if I reveal it, what difference will that make?)

‘Ok, let me connect… Yes it’s done, thank you.’

‘So where are you from?’

‘I’m from India. Have you been there?’

‘Oh, India? No I haven’t been there yet. I am basically from Netherlands and it’s been few years that I’m settled in Bali. So, You are travelling all alone?’

‘Yes I’m Travelling all alone.’

‘Usually I haven’t seen or heard that Indians travel alone, they usually travel with family or friends isn’t it? I even had 1-2 Indian couples stayed here.’

‘You just met one now, don’t you! But do Indians come to this part of Bali? Wow, I thought I’ll be the first one!’

‘You are the first solo Indian traveller for sure! So you go for lot of solo travelling?’

‘Actually this is my very first, I always wanted to travel alone, finally did it and here I am.’

‘That’s good. I also travel alone. So, how’s the feeling to travel alone?’

‘Feeling is fresh and new, actually this is the best holiday so far. So great to enjoy my Me time.’

‘Yes it is.. so how long you will be here? Are you going to other parts of Indonesia as well or is it just Bali?’….

November 2018, Kolkata

‘You went to Bali? Office trip? I saw all those pictures on facebook’

‘Yes I did and it was a holiday, no office trip.’

‘Wow! Whom did you go with? Parents?’

‘I went alone.’


‘That’s right.’

‘You went to Bali all alone? You travelled solo? Or some friend joined you there?’

‘I went all alone, with no one to join the tour with me.’

‘You did? Didn’t you feel scared? and the you were in so many places? How long did you go for?’

‘I did, I went all alone to Bali, stayed there for week, travelled as much as I could. And what should I be scared of? The trip was amazing.’

‘But you usually go for vacation with family, isn’t it? What happened?’

‘Something serious has to happen to travel alone?? I always wanted to travel alone at least once in my life, but now it’s like, it will be more than one henceforth.’

‘Woww.. Good that you are still single.. Otherwise we, labeled the married ones doesn’t have such choice. By the way, I also saw you page, Turtle….’

‘Turtle Got Wings.’

‘Yes, so what is it all about?’

January 2019, Tiruvananthapuram:

‘Would you like to have some tea? I make good ginger tea.’

‘If it’s good, I must not say no to it. I would love to have some, please.’

‘So you are travelling in Kerela for two weeks all alone?’

‘Yes, your are correct, this is the last stretch of my journey.’

‘Being a girl, isn’t it a problem to travel all alone?’

‘Well so far, things have gone right, and Kerala is a tourist friendly state, It’s quite safe to travel alone here, especially for women. I truly had a great time. People are so warm here.’

‘Yes, you are correct. But still you know, You don’t know the local language, then you are travelling on local transport, how did you manage? I would have been.. actually I can’t do it.’

‘I do my research before planning a trip. Then of course I have to be careful. There are difficulties, I will not deny it completely, but solo travel has it’s own charm.’

‘Is it the only trip where You came alone or you have more such trip stories?’

‘No I don’t have a lot yet, there was another such holiday I went last year.’

‘Really? Where did you go?’

‘I went to Bali.’

‘That’s out of India!!.. You went for an International trip all alone?’

‘What is so surprising? Yes I went. Do you feel like going for such trip?’

‘You crossed the national border and went for a all by yourself trip, that is kind of abandoned for Indian girls.. That’s what I feel!! And yes I also feel like travelling alone, but honestly I don’t have the courage. Even my parents won’t allow me. So, your parents are ok with, you travelling alone?’

‘That is a different story. My parents are just like yours only, nothing to worry, it’s just that I had my negotiations. But have your time to be ready to travel alone, if at all you want to do this. The tea is nice by the way.’

‘Thank you, but I don’t know whether I can ever do that. But it’s great to see an Indian girl travelling all alone. How old are if I may ask?’

‘Is it fun to travel all alone? Doesn’t it get bored?’

‘I don’t know about others, mmm but to think of, I’m sure even for others it’s not boring. It’s self chosen you see.. even you won’t believe, in Kerala, I stayed at this house, where the owner had 4 rooms to rent and coincidentally there were all four ladies including me, were staying there, from of-course different parts of the world and all were solo travellers.’

‘Wow, That’s interesting. I also know a lady who travels alone, she sometime travels with us and mostly goes alone. Even she says the same thing that she enjoys travelling alone. I can never do that.’

‘It depends from person to person. Not that you are compelled to go for any solo trip otherwise world will curse you, it’s not like that. Don’t worry.’

‘Haha, I know, but it seems so impossible for me. I see a lot of Europeans travel alone, but seeing Indians travel alone now a days still seems so strange to me.’

‘A lot of Indians travel alone these days, and don’t panic, they are all happy souls, it’s just that solo travel has it’s own serene solitude.’

‘It must have..So where’s next?’

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