Vagary to Bloggery..

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The plan was very simple and very sorted (that time it seemed sorted at least or may be I am always overly confident that I am a sorted person! This is one of the numerous daily basis and ignored disorder I have.)

So, ‘The plan’ as I was explaining, was to become a vagabond, travelling with only one suitcase and a backpack because that much I can manage by myself in my solo travel! Going to countries after another countries, warm climatic ones would be the first preference for sure! Why?? Well who doesn’t like a bit of fashion on travel! The warmer it is, the lighter clothes I get to carry and comfortably feathery I feel. Sun, sand, skirts and shorts are so Me…

Mentioning fashion, do you also anytime automatically dream that you are seating inside your bedroom and all of a sudden, your imaginary clothing lines of blue, purple, yellow, chiffon, organdy, small, long; all are raining down from the ceiling? Just the way or just the shape you had imagined! I know it’s weird, but whenever I start selecting dresses for any holiday, the same thought springs around my head.

I think of having 2-3 colours of parallels which otherwise I never think of wearing, then different lengths of shorts and bucket full of flared and shift dress, and if it’s not much then few not-alike skirts; Oh, and not to forget some cool grey or peach sneakers and a pair of flip-flops, the backpack has to be right in size, just touching the belt line at my back… You must be thinking how big a suitcase I can manage or how long do I plan these holidays for!!

Well let me clarify, these are just thoughts, flying like Kohli’s sixers, doesn’t know any boundary. Otherwise I am a good packer, in case you are interested to know. And my suitcase is of moderate size and I always try to make sure that the suitcase weighs half or less than half of my actual body weight, more than that, will be dragging a cute baby elephant.

While my visionary was flowing in Aladdin’s carpet, I don’t know what happened? All of a sudden I could see this brown hard covered note book dangling in the air and nudging me to open it, as there was no one to warn and just like Pandora’s morbid curiosity I opened the diary. It was newly white and absolutely blank. After sometime, some infamous blogger’s spirit got hold of me and I started writing. That’s it. Mysterious but flat and simple!

So there has been an addition to my travel style now being a blogger, I am unintentionally more alert while going anywhere, as I’m always looking for new words, expression, even views; my head and eyes are always looking here and there, and fingers ready to capture a frame. It’s a lot of brain hammering work but to sum it up, bragging is never easy, is it??

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