Ultimate Goal in Travelling..

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‘What are you saying?’

‘What you are hearing!’ No doubt that’s me in response.

‘You serious? I can’t believe this?’

‘Who am I to convince you? I am not even trying, I’m just telling you.’

‘I seriously can’t believe, you have travelled all alone!! No no, not possible.’

‘I’m not carrying those boarding pass with me, and I am not so imaginative to make such stories!!’

‘Still, it’s so hard to believe. YOU are travelling alone? No one can ever believe this looking at you.’

‘Why it’s written on my face, that I lie?’

‘Hahah, Shut up you, what to do? It doesn’t seem to be you! Look at you tiny, little girl and she is travelling alone!’

Ooohh!! This will continue the entire evening and may be we will get locked up in this restaurant for the night. Tahira, my ex colleague and a very dear friend who is well settled in Delhi with her ‘lucky to have her’ husband and their beautiful daughter Mahi; is in the city for couple of days and we managed to hang out together for dinner after a long time. While biting on some fried chicken momo, my current modus operendi of travel came across to her. And that’s when she started to throw her usual very concerned questions or statements whatever you call them, at me.

‘Doesn’t tiny and little mean same? And Yes ma’am, I truly have been doing these solo trips.’ I knew Travel takes off the tension, not make you stand on a podium for some trial!

‘Oh God!! Show me some pictures.’ Now you are talking!

I opened the gallery of my phone and showed her the numerous clicks.

‘Why aren’t you in any of those pictures?’

‘Because I was the one doing the clicking stuff! You won’t believe without seeing me in any of those picture, isn’t it?’

‘Yaa.. who knows you took these pictures from google??’

‘Seriously?? People have so much times to search thousands of pictures from google and then download them on their phone and then claiming them to be original! You know such people?’

‘Show me no? Show me your picture in any of those trip.’

I showed her, usually in order to take pictures of my surroundings, I always miss taking my own picture, and also for a fact, being not so camera friendly, my pictures available in the house are unexpectedly less.

‘Wow.. I still am in shock. But this is really so different You?’

I took another piece of fried Momo and took a big bite. Better to enjoy the momo than her constant ‘OMG’ comments.

‘So what’s the plan with this? Only travel and that’s it? Why don’t you write about it?’ Finally Tahira asked some sense but still at utter disbelief.

‘I am writing about my journeys.’ How innocent and simple I become during such discussion.

‘I meant Travel blogging kind, You know?’

‘That Exactly I meant as well.’

‘Oh my God? Where are you writing? On Facebook?’

‘I have a website and a page on FB, then Insta and Twitter.’

‘And you are active in all of them.’

I slightly nodded my head to the right saying a Yes.

‘Show me, I want to see how it looks like?’

I showed her the facebook page I have, she went through some of them and I could sense what she was thinking, still I wanted to know from her.

‘So What you want to do with this? Do your job and a post when you are on tour?’ Tahira was scrolling my phone screen up and down.

‘Now this is where I am kind of detained, I want to go ahead with this, but the road map is still not clear to me.’

‘Are you serious about it?’

‘What makes you think that I’m joking?’ Our main course had come by this time. Prawn fried rice, with garlic fish and a diet coke for Tahira. I am no fan of aerated drinks, I just love to eat my food.

‘I’m just asking, You are so unexpected. But tell me do you really want to take this blogging as a career and go forward with it?’

‘I don’t see anything wrong with it! Travel, write and get paid and when passion becomes profession, life is dancing at the peak of Mt. Everest.’

‘I think you should pursue this and I’ll see if I can get you some information on it to help you. I’m still blown to know this side of yours!’

‘I don’t blame you, don’t worry.’ I was laughing to see her face, she was so puzzled that she must have been stumbling to accumulate her thoughts and speak it out. The food was also great to accompany my fun moments.

‘You know what, as you told me all this, I feel that if someday Mahi comes to me and tells that she wants to go on a solo trip, I shouldn’t stop her at all. I should let her do it.’ That was nice, really nice!

‘By the way, which raises a question. How did Uncle- Aunty allow you to go for these trips? Didn’t they object or something??’

‘That’s actually a long story.. or may be a lie story...’

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