T is Trouvaille in Tarvel…

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Pronounced as ‘Truvai’ (because it’s French!! And it’s customary not to utter the entire alphabets in terms until there is a vowel at the end of the word, then it’s extra hard-work!), and the meaning of this word as per Travel dictionary is ‘something lovely found by chance’. Are we having any English grammar class in between my ‘Travel obsession’ posts?!

Don’t worry, the theme is still the same and I am up to no teaching profession, just that I happen to find this amazing big word but only half of it pronounced and all of a sudden I had a feeling of being a very close eligible heir of Jane Austen, So thought of doing some vainglory! I know it’s all going in vain. So let’s just get back to T for Travel and T for Trouvaille, which is, Travel = Trouvaille (whoever wasn’t good in geometry in school, don’t try to understand this theory!!)

So as the word says, ‘a new or beautiful find’, I come across it when I travel. Thanks to the rise of technology and it’s constant progress, before planning any trip I can do N number of research, especially looking for some off beat places. I am sure many people will connect with my words, when I say travelling to a new place or rarely visited place by usual tourists, gives an exulted feeling. The foremost reason for a travel lover would be, visiting to an off the beaten place is always quite typically satisfying. And the other is almost similar but swanky. You see, we all at times, enjoy to see a face becoming addled, or those eyes becoming donut shaped or those lips forming an O in front of us.. For example, I was seating with a colleague and he told me, ‘Ask me any place in Kerala, I can tell you everything about it.’

OK, ‘How to go to Vagamon from Ernakulam?’

‘Va.. what?!!!’ I have done my job and I could see that floating in space but unable to land on earth face.

Saying this, for sure, the motive is never to deprecate anyone’s feelings or their personal interest, But it’s always been a fulfilling pleasure to travel to new places, even you know what? Many times, even in the usual places I tend to find something unusual, also while roaming in my own city, I find so many new things, which reminds me, once someone had told me, ‘Always keep your eyes and ears alert, you never know what you come across!’ Though I realized these words completely a lot later, but as long as I have understood, It’s good for that person.

So don’t let yourself to be the bagel faced all the time, better make your own moments and enjoy others’ eyes becoming marble big. Do share your moments where you made others numb by your surprising travel story, I would love to know…

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