Solo-Travel- Fun or Foolhardy

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‘How does it feel like? To Travel alone?’

‘Do you enjoy travelling alone?’

‘Don’t you feel scared at all? If anything happens?’

I often face these and something like these questions from whoever gets to know about my ‘how is it possible’ knack of travelling single. When I enjoy to face these raising brow questions, my answers are always simple. Ok, may be not always simple due to my pretzel like nature. You see.. human nature (at least in my case it is) is like Christmas tree, the structure is, ‘it’s this way only, can’t help much’, but you can decorate it as much as possible till the festivity is on!

So to talk about my own personalized trips.. they are like the cute fridge stickers, pinned to my heart. It’s the guilty pleasure I always want to overindulge in. Isn’t being myself and re-realize this fact or in other way , reminding myself of who I am quite often is so important in today’s world? The undeniable reality is, in our ‘always begging for something’ materialistic world, we are bound to live up to many expectation to survive the constant transformation of human approach. And, nonessential to mention that we can’t swim inside a mud-pool, better to be light on the foot and safe-zone ourselves. And for this ‘seems to be très simple to do’ is actually not that easy.

Going on a trip without anyone by my side was a purposely chosen and well thought decision. Can I spiritually be honest here?? We all love our parents, relatives, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend etc right? Have you ever thought how much you love them and how much value do they have in your life? And do you love yourself more or them?

I have the answers like a fine artist’s portrait in my head. I love my parents and they are everything to me, but then these two people have taught me to love the life I’m gifted with and cherish every living moment in this life. Trusting their tutoring, I have also understood, sometimes I need more dynamism to love my surroundings more (which includes again my broadminded ma-papa) and solo-travel works as the Osho meditation camp, only more pocket friendly and without wearing those burgundy kaftan maxi dresses! I guess it’s a much better option plus you get to see whatever you want, and get to go to wherever you feel like, so in short, it’s customisable.

I also believe that traveling alone involves a lot of self- management and which is a huge learning process, Oh, yes it is, and if you are that slouchy sofa lover where the tea table is just 5 inch away with the bowl of chips, popcorn and samosa automatically being refilled after every 30 minutes and the HD TV is another 6 inch away having all HD channels activated.. I know ‘responsibility’ has lots of alphabets in it to think of in your case.

But, to end this post, if even one person is inspired with my experience, I have one last card to show you.. Don’t ever think of planning the best solo trip, think of discovering the unknown and unexpected, because Perfection is the ultimate but unexpected is still the empty pages in your diary which can be penned down with new colourful stories and that will keep you going on and on and on….

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