Lying to Travel!!

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Seriously?? What more can this girl do? Are you thinking that!! Well who am I to give any input to it! I only know I always feel apprehensive to call myself an adventurer and one may interpret the reason with this post..

7 days has passed in the normal universally way without a slightest of difference in my life since the time I had decided to travel alone and my air-ticket to Bali is already booked. While I haven’t spoken of it to my parents at all, it’s been a conscious and implicit decision not to do so. There are quite a few reasons for being such reticent. To start with:

A. The foremost will be, my anytime charming but customarily concerned guardians, will never allow me to travel alone and the justification would be, they are my parents and they know (or have decided) that I can’t travel alone, end of discussion and shut down such ludicrous dream to even touch your cerebrum..

B. If I still have become the meter box on the wall, then at least I should consider one of my best friend, this is for my own good and safety not to forget!! How do I know about this reason? Oo I am just like those other good girls who love to share everything with her mom and dad, and I did speak of this free spirited dream of mine when I had just started my career. Well, their ‘oh my darling’ reasonable affection caught my dream in a fancy glass cruet and the same was lost in their safe junk-store room.

C. ‘If you want to travel, tell us where all you want to go? We do go for holiday twice every year and what’s wrong in that? ‘ Now who will dare to take a challenge to raise some points which strangely has ‘being logical’ tag on them and that too in front your own biological parents where the lady-law only sways towards the progenitors!!

D. If you still are looking for more reasons, must be you too, are a proprietorial parent or are you, like me trying to vamoose on such trip. If you are the later, there are some ‘terms and conditions’, let me warn you. For the Prior, I agree, parents have an ineradicable right to say ‘NO’ to their so loving kids and we poor things can’t help. very true! ***Now to the inspired lot, if you are thinking to take your chance, let me tell you, You got a be a good, confident and a strong person for it, who knows his/her boundary, who understands right and the evil, cause when you are on your own, you only follow yourself.

So continuing from, me becoming taciturn for next 2 months and only deciding to spill only a spoon full of beans to my parents just weeks before my departure, that too with some technical error. The excuse also took its own sloth moments to pop in my head.

‘Maa, I have to go to Bali next week for some office work.’ That’s the safest defense technique I had thought off, and I was more than sure for it to work, and mind you, if I travel for work, my otherwise anti-yes parents just agrees without any further being doubtful expression.

Anyway may I tell you a secret? There is only one person who has well kept my secret from the very first day and very sanguinely gulped down my reverie.. But You have to ask to know who it is!!

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