Nonchalant of being a traveller..

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‘Good Morning! How was your holiday?’ Greeted the person from the other side of the phone.

‘Good Morning! Holiday was good. How are you?’ I am so refreshed after my week long holiday and so is my voice, quite energized.

‘I’m fine, so where did you go for holiday?’ asked the person with genuine interest.

‘I went to Bali.’ And I stopped the sentence right there, because I knew the next question!

‘With you parents?’

‘No, I went all alone.’ and I waited for the response..

There was a fractional pause as the person tried to register those words I just said and asked, ‘ How come your parents allowed you?’

‘Because I lied in your name actually. I said boss is sending me on a FAM to Bali and I went all by myself.’ Now that is, spilling the beans from the bucket, that too in front of the person who’s bucket I have stolen.

For who has read my last post , may understand what I am talking about, and who hasn’t, what can I say! So, the person who has been aware of my head turning holiday escape, is actually my Boss. And, I after telling this not sure whether necessary truth, I wanted to ‘hear’ his reaction, because we were talking over the phone, if you remember!

‘And you went all alone? My God, I still can’t believe you!’ Well That’s him, always open to challenge and such a sportsman.

‘Yes I did, I have been wanted to go on solo trip for sometime, and finally I went for it. And I went for trekking, day long sightseeing, which would have been difficult for my parents and then I couldn’t do all these by travelling with them.’ It’s actually quite correct, Bali has everything to offer for each age group. But if two generations travelling together, then it may get difficult to follow each other’s plan.

‘Yes you are tight, if you want to travel around Bali, then it needs a lot of energy and lot of hard walk at times. It’s good to see you are travelling like this.’ Even my boss was the first person to know about my plan of writing blogs. ‘As long as you promote our destinations, I’m happy!!’ He had said jokingly.

I, at times tend to pick this nonchalance approach on any situation. From the time of being just a travel dreamer to the stage of deciding of being a travel bragger, one lesson was well taught, It’s very important to be open to new ideas and looking for those ideas to come. And in this, being too serious is somehow restricting those aims to hit the nerves…

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